Friday, December 17, 2010

22 weeks pregnant, and on cloud 9.

Good morning :)

I don't have any new projects to share today.  I thought I would have all kinds of Christmas projects to blog about, but turns out after we hauled out all of our Christmas decor and got the tree up, I realized there was no need for ANY more Christmas stuff in the house.

So, today I'm going to just blog about my life these days and give an update on my pregnancy.  The first trimester was very hard, because I dealt with extreme nausea and vomiting.  Many women are very lucky and never get this in their first trimester, or it passes for them by 12 weeks or so. Not for me though.  My doctor told me to start taking an over the counter sleep aid that is safe and harmless to the baby that has an ingredient in it to help me feel better during the day.  Me being the all natural anti-drug girl that I am, I stubbornly refused to take it, but after vitamin B and ginger root, and all the other home remedies I was trying to cure my nausea with did NOT work, I finally gave in.  I'm glad I did because I don't have nausea anymore and can finally enjoy my pregnancy!

So, I am 22 weeks along now, just LOVING life!!! I'm pregnant with a boy and we're naming him Cole. My grandma suggested this name before I even got pregnant, and said if we ever had a boy she's always wanted a Cole in the family. We liked the name and had been considering it, along with many other names. When we started narrowing it down to our few favorites, Cole was the only name that we didn't have any issues with. We don't know a Cole, we don't know anyone who has a son named Cole, we've both never known a weird smelly boy named Cole, etc. I also like that it's a simple and easy name, yet it isn't overly popular or over-used. It's just perfect.

They say that the second trimester is the happiest time in a pregnancy, and I am finding that to be very true!  I feel great, and every day have the joy of feeling my baby boy move in my belly without him kicking me in the ribs or my bladder yet. ;) I am so blessed to have a part-time job and work from home as well, because it gives me a lot of time to myself, which is something I know I will have very little of once Cole is in the world.  I'm trying to enjoy and savor every moment of it.  I've been doing prenatal pilates, relaxing, and getting little things done around the house that I normally don't have time for.

As for the nursery, I know it's surprising that I haven't completely finished it yet, but because Christmas is around the corner and I'm spending so much money on presents, I decided to wait to start buying the nursery furniture and refinishing any pieces for it until the beginning of the new year. The nursery is already all painted and ready to be decorated, but I have nothing to put in it yet. Once I start with that, I will have plenty of projects to blog about and I can't wait! :)

I have 2 baby showers coming up, one in January up in Portland, OR my hometown to celebrate with my family and friends up there, and then one in February here in California. I'm so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who are so happy and excited for us and are all so supportive.  Not to mention by fantastic husband who takes such good care of me and is so looking forward to being a daddy.

Not to sound cliche but I feel like I'm glowing.  Life is so good.  God is so good, the reason for every single amazing thing that has happened in my life.  I know I have so many challenges and changes ahead, but I am so ready for all of them and know that I have the ability to handle anything through Christ who strengthens me. :) I thank God I am a woman, because I get to experience the amazing miracle of pregnancy and being a mother!  I am starting to understand why my mom, and every other mother I know has said that being a mom is the greatest thing they have ever experienced, and that nothing else in this world compares to it.

Here is our baby boy, from the ultrasound about a month ago:

Here is the latest and greatest bump pic, 22 weeks:

I will be back at the beginning of the new year to start blogging all of my baby and nursery projects!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Living Room Re-decorated AGAIN!

Hello! My husband and I are working hard on getting the nursery done, and once that is finished I of course will post before and afters. As of now we have it all painted but none of the furniture yet, but I'm only 17 1/2 weeks so there's plenty of time! 

In the meantime, me being in mega-nesting mode, I got the itch to re-decorate our downstairs living area once again. This time it really does look better than it ever has. After a quick trip to Ikea, and moving around a few things, our living room feels brand new. There's nothing I love more than change when it comes to my home!
Here  is what our living room looked like before.  Now it looks like this: 

We moved the TV from the mantle to the other wall. I wanted to decorate my mantle the way I've always wanted to, and I always felt like that adjacent wall was boring and needed to be decorated differently. Those 2 shelves are from Ikea and I think it worked out well for filling up the space beside the TV.

Also, I replaced the green/beige curtains we had before with these white ones from Ikea. I love that their curtains come with iron hemming kits. It made it so easy! I love white and since our living room doesn't get a lot of natural sunlight coming in, I feel like all the white accents lighten it up in there a lot.  

Oh, and I plan on spray painting my black Pottery Barn  mirror above the fireplace white eventually to make it match. But, for now I think the black works. Who knows, I might just leave it. 

We took the white mirror that was on the wall in the living room before and put it above the dining room table. Looks much better there. I'm sad that my pretty chalkboard and memo board are gone now but those were we will find a better spot for those later.

I heart mirrors.

I'm pretty sure those shelves will get re-decorated quite a bit. :)

(Dolce was peaking at me behind the curtains..)

And here is a shot of my growing baby bump that I took while my hubby slaved away on the nursery. ;p

17 1/2 weeks along... and it's a boy, we're naming him Cole. <3

Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 22, 2010

An easy craft for the nauseous pregnant woman.

On Monday I had a rare day of feeling GREAT, so I decided to take advantage of that and do a very small, and easy project.  I also somehow had the energy to decorate my house for fall, and cook dinner. That is a huge accomplishment for me, considering I am 14 weeks pregnant and STILL having extreme nausea, occasional vomiting, and sleepiness.

Now that I'm done feeling sorry for myself, here is what I made:

Supplies ~
White wooden letters from Michael's.
Mod Podge glue.
4 pieces of fall scrapbook paper.
A pen to trace.
Antique White acrylic paint.

I just took the letters and traced each one onto the fall print scrapbook paper, cut out the letters, and then painted the sides and the back of them with the antique white paint:

After the paint was dry, I took the cut out fall paper letters and mod podged them onto the wooden letters to make this:

Perfect for trying to hide my hubby's adorable surround sound speaker on my mantel.

Look at our little pumpkins, one for MJ, me, the 3 doggies... and the tiny little one at the end is for baby. :D 

I know this was probably my lamest project ever, but it was worth it... I was starting to go crazy from no creativity these past few months. 

Here's to hoping that the sickness and fatigue go away soon so I can start on the NURSERY!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


The reason I've been MIA the past couple months is because I'm pregnant! We're expecting our first child on 4/20/10. I thought I'd have a sonogram picture to show for this post, but I don't think we get one for a couple months. But, we DID hear the heartbeat today and it was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. I cannot believe my very own mini Michael or mini Stevie is growing inside of me! :D We're so so so happy and excited, and I'm looking forward to this nausea and fatigue dying down very soon so that I can start doing PROJECTS again and get started on the nursery! :)


Friday, September 17, 2010

Omgosh, I promise I'm still here.

Again, I apologize to anyone who cares about my absence these past couple months and I PROMISE in 2 weeks from today I will be able to share why I've been so M.I.A.  Thanks to everyone who is still following me and I promise there are some great projects on the way. ;)

In the meantime, I wanted to share my newest favorite Christian artist because a lot of people don't know about her yet, and her music is amazing. Her name is Beckah Shae! I just downloaded her album Life on iTunes and I'm officially obsessed. Music with awesome lyrics and meaning but makes you get up and shake your booty.

Here's one of my favorites:


Hope you guys enjoy as much as I do!!!

I'll be back in 2 weeks to share something with y'all! :D


Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm still here!

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't been blogging lately, and I have a very good reason believe me. I will explain later. I just want you all to know that I'm still here, and don't forget about me!!! I have SOOO many projects coming up that I can't wait to get started on. We are going on vacation this week and I plan to start when we get back.

Thanks!!! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Living Room: Re-decorated

Hello!!! Long time no blogging!

I have a whole bunch of projects coming up, and have been super busy, but man do I have a ton of stuff to blog!

My super amazing hubby passed a garage sale last weekend and spotted an old vintage dark wood vanity for only $20 and picked it up for me! :) He has to fix the leg on it, but once he does that, I'm going to paint it and make it look amazing. I can't wait to share it with you.

Also, we are in the process of doing the padded seating for the bench window seat in the long hallway upstairs that I show in this post. We SHOULD be done with that today... but for sure by the end of this weekend, and of course I'll post ASAP.

But IN the meantime, we have made some changes to our living room that I'm pretty excited about! :) So.. I haven't shown much of my living room just because I knew that I was going to be doing some changing to it eventually and wanted to wait until that point. Well we finally did it!

As I have mentioned before, we are RENTING this townhome, so... painting isn't really a super practical option... we COULD if we wanted to, but it's already a somewhat decent color, so I have just worked around that.

Our living room has had many changes... it started very bare, and I don't have pictures of it from back then, but let me show you how it looked not long after we moved in:

Couches were hand-me-downs.. that coffee table we got for free on the side of the road that we ended up painting white.. and that picture was also a hand-me-down.

Another angle:

Just... eh.

So as I've mentioned before, one of the main things I wanted to do was put a big mirror on the wall to make the room look bigger/brighter.  We also got a new sectional awhile back, and a few other items over time, and here is what it looks like as of yesterday:

The mirror on the wall, the candle chandelier and the little white table to the right are all from Ikea...

(I don't know why there was a red spot in the corner of these pics..)

Looking into the dining room:

Of course I had to put some kind of feminine touch on the mantle to compliment my husband's oh-so-important surround sound speakers...

And also just for the fun of it, here's another small project I did:

I found this mirror for $2 at a garage sale...

Found this ugly blank spot on the wall at the top of my stairs...

Since everything in my hallway area is black, I painted the mirror black and hung it on the wall...

Much better. :)

Okay that's all for this post, but I have a LOT to share coming up!

Oh and just for the record, I realized that in my post here about all of the things I wanted to complete... so far I've finished 5 of them! Or almost... we're almost done with the hallway cushions, I decorated the other side of our master bedroom, found an old desk and painted it for our bedroom, organized my closet, and found a big mirror for the living room! :D


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Simple Pleasures (Other than DIY projects and crafts):

1.  Laying in our Temperpedic bed AKA: "The Cloud" with my hubby, our 3 chihuahuas, watching movies, drinking a glass of wine, and eating some popcorn, or candy. Or both.  >:)

2.  Watching Joyce Meyer every morning on TV. I record her on my DVR and every day while I'm getting ready for work I listen to her preach the word of God, in a practical/straight forward/entertaining way. She's an amazing woman, if you've never heard of her, I highly recommend her awesome teachings!!!  PS: I have not gone a day without watching this woman's show for over 2 years now. It's a simple pleasure I can't live without!

Other simple pleasures I'm adding on:

~ Dressing up my doggies in outfits.
~ Blasting Christian music in my car and singing at the top of my lungs every day.
~ When my house is perfectly clean, lighting candles, turning on the fireplace, and relaxing in front of the TV!
~ Going to the movies with my hubby and eating super buttery popcorn.
~ Garage sale shopping!!!
~ Zumba class.
~ Sitting on the swing in the backyard with a girlfriend and catching up.
~ Happy Hours.
~ Joel Osteen sermons.
~ Sitting on my balcony off my bedroom and reading my bible.
~ Facebook.
~ Waking up with my man early on a Saturday, getting Starbucks, and going to Target! We're nerds.
~ Church at The Crossing, 10:00 am every Sunday.
~ Bean and cheese burritos from La Playa in San Diego.

I have way too many and need to stop now. Thanks for listening! :)

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Craigslist desk turned Fabulous!

Over the weekend, I took an old desk that I got off Craigslist and made it beautiful! As I've mentioned before, I've been wanting to find a desk for my bedroom so I have my own space to blog at, or do homework, etc. So this was perfect.

Here it is before:

And After:

What I did:

1.  Sanded it down with 120 grit, not a ton of sanding, just enough.
2.  Primed it with white spray primer.
3.  Painted it with Rustoleum Flat White spray paint.
4.  Sprayed it lightly with spray on poly.
5.  Put on new knobs.. all from Home Depot. (They match the knob on my nightstand.)

I was going to distress the edges, but my husband said he really likes it the way it is, so I decided to try it out for awhile without touching it.  I also am going to put pretty contact paper in the drawers, but I couldn't find what I wanted yesterday so I'll be saving that for later. :)

Here it is in my room:

Coco helped me pick out knobs at Home Depot. Hehe.

Let me know what you think! :)

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