Friday, April 30, 2010

My Thursday night disaster...

So, yesterday I decided that until I can do my first fun project for my house, I will first find something really fun but challenging to cook and blog about it in the meantime! I spent a lot of time online searching for some good recipes yesterday and decided to make a dinner of fancy appetizers. I found a recipe for sizzling dungeness crab cakes, toasted baguette with an olive tapenade, and a baked artichoke topped with a yummy bread crumb and garlic mixture. Sounds yummy right? I couldn't wait.

I have cooked challenging things before, and sure it doesn't come out exactly as planned but I somehow pull it off to be edible. Last night on the other hand, was a disaster.

After the artichokes were done steaming and I wanted to set them in the glass dish to go in the oven, they were so soft they completely fell apart. So I ended up spreading the leaves around in the dish and dumping the bread crumb mixture over the top and throwing it in the oven anyways. I figured if the other two dishes survived I'd be okay.

Then after the tedious chopping of vegetables and shelling of the fresh crab to make the crab cakes, the mixture would NOT cooporate with me when I tried to roll it into little balls and dip in the egg/flour/and breadcrumbs. At this point I was laughing hysterically at myself on the verge of tears. Michael had to jump in (who may I add is the world's most amazing chef.. so when I cook I usually make a fool of myself) and somehow managed to make the crab mixture into little cakes and started frying them in a pan. My goal for the evening was to for ONCE not need the assistance of Chef Boyardee husband, but at this point I was desperate and could make that my goal for next time.

So I moved on and tried making the olive tapenade. I couldn't get the blender to blend it.. (I had to use it since I don't have a food processor) and so Michael again had to come over and somehow use a spoon to make the mixture go down to the blades and get blended up. Sigh. Meanwhile I am trying to slice french bread very thinly (since the grocery store was out of baguettes) and the bread was crumbling and falling apart. Lol!

So, you can imagine how our dinner turned out. Michael decided to be in charge of frying the crab cakes which is a very good thing, and I went over and sat down and started crying. WHAT a mess. You can't blame a girl for trying I guess.


Now that I look back at it, it's hilarious. That's what life is all about though right? We learn from our mistakes, and when something doesn't turn out the way we'd like it to, we have to keep trying and do it again. Not giving up is key, and I'm a stubborn person so I won't be giving up any time soon on being the next Martha Stewart. In the words of Aaliyah (RIP) "Dust yourself and try again!" Hehe.

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