Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy woman with white spray paint

So before I can start on our table and head board, I've been painting random things in my house white. I've noticed by doing so it's really lighting up the downstairs which is usually pretty dark.  Here are some random things I've done:

Our key & leash hanger by the side door:

I took out the mirror, and took off all the hardware.. painted and put it back together. (I had my husband move the water jug somewhere more hidden too by the way.)

Much better! :)

I also painted this random little chair that's been in the guest room closet:

I just put a pillow on it for now and it looks perfect in the corner of our bedroom:

And this thing used to be silver and ugly in our stairway landing, so I painted it and it looks so cute now!

It's kind of exciting what a can of white spray paint can do!

1 comment:

  1. Love that funky chair and that shelf thingy. I adore white spray paint and all the things it transforms! Have you discovered spray on poly yet? You can lightly spray it over the top of your white painted pieces and it'll just up the protection factor so the paint lasts longer!