Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Master Bedroom: Re-decorated!

Okay before I show you guys, let me just say that I have a LOT more to do to our room, but I'm not sure how quickly it's going ot happen, so I wanted to show what I've got done so far, which is a lot!

I forgot to take a "before" pic of how it looked recently, but when we first moved in, this is pretty much how it looked:

After time, that Damask comforter got totally faded, and there was a huge hole in the corner of it. Lol. 

This is the angle from the bed looking towards the deck.

Not bad but not GREAT.

After one year and 2 months of living there, we finally got my DREAM mattress, a King Temperpedic Cloud. This my friends, is the best mattress in the WORLD.  Especially upgrading from a queen to a king, with 3 Chihuahuas sleeping with us every night. But let me just say, the mattress and flat screen are the only expensive things in our room. Everything else in this room is VERY affordable and I am proud to say it sure doesn't LOOK like a cheap room.  Here it is!:

King Bed from Ikea (Under $200.)
King down comforter $99.00 on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
King duvet cover and pillow shams $35.00 from TJ Max Home goods.
All white king sheet set from Ross $30.00 or so.
(Took advice from Kelsey at Fabulously Flawed to do all white bedding because it never fades and can be bleached! Awesome advice and I'm so happy we did it!)
Throw pillows from Target on clearance.
Lamp shades $12.00 a piece from Ross (with painted lamp bases we already had.)
Armoir and night stand from Ikea, other night stand is a TV tray painted white..
(new nightstands coming soon.)
Damask chest at the end of the bed $35.00 from Ross.
Picture frames on the wall behind the bed $4.00 a piece from Big Lots, I spray painted them black.

Curtains we already had were like $40 a panel from Target:

All the pics above the bed are of Michael and I in black and white. I love them!:

Looking out towards back porch area. Those pink curtains will be replaced eventually. For now though, they're not bad for being $12 a panel from Wal-Mart:

Close up of the cute Target throw pillows, and the cute little Coco Chanel perched on top of them! :) Can you spot the dog bone...?:

The free yard sale black table that I painted pink and the little silver chair I painted white are hanging out in front of the window for now... but I have better plans for this area, and I plan on moving the table and chair to the back porch for the summer:

But they're kind of cute where they are for now:

This is the view from the bed looking into the bathroom area... I have MAJOR plans for this area too, so stay tuned! It's way too boring now! This is a work in progress...

So anyways I hope you like what I've done so far! And yes, I know many of you are wondering how in the world my husband lets me do such a girly looking room, but trust me, he doesn't care! He likes it. And if any of you have seen our previous hot pink bedrooms, I have toned down the girly-ness QUITE a bit!!!


  1. I love your blog. You're such a crafty diva! I like your before and after pictures. I like how you upcycle things.