Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shabby Chic Jewelry Table

Hi friends!

A few weeks ago I was at Ross (which happens to be one of my FAVORITE places for bargain shopping AKA: treasure hunting) and I found a perfect little table/dresser thing with 3 little drawers to hold all of my jewelery boxes.  I had no where to put them all before so I was pretty excited. 

As you can see, it's cute and perfect for what I needed but brown is just not my thing, and it doesn't go well in my bedroom/bathroom area:

So yesterday I thought, I have tons of this shabby pink paint left, and I need something else in our room in that color to match the little table I painted, so let's paint it! I spray painted the wicker drawers white:

I thought it worked out great!  I decided not to put more coats of paint on then I did because I like that a little bit of brown is still peaking through, it makes it look older and more like a shabby chic dresser:

I love it!!! So much prettier than it was before.  This is the angle from the bathroom looking out at it where you can see the matching table:

It looks so cute with my jewelry box on it all set up! :)

Jewelry table $25.00
Shabby Chic pink paint $1.00
White spray paint: $3.99

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