Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Working on the bedroom reveal...

Good morning!

I have been working on finishing up my bedroom re-do so I can post a pic,  but there are still a few things left that I want to do before showing it to you guys.  I figured I would post some pics of a few things I have done for the room without showing you the WHOLE room first.  And I shouldn't say "I" I should say "we"  because my awesome, amazing, wonderful hubby has totally been helping me with everything too.  (I think he secretly like this stuff... ssh!)

There was a change of plans for the room though.  We decided not to do the headboard.  I know, I was really excited about it, but after searching and searching for the right fabric with no luck, we decided to buy a new bed.  My HUSBAND found it online and showed it to me, and it was perfect. He has the best taste! Then he went and bought it last week while I was at work and him and his friends assembled it all before I got home. SO SWEET! So, since the main part of the room was so easily accomplished, I have been working on putting the rest of the little details together and will be showing it off VERY soon!

Here is one part of the room that I am excited about. I had these 2 matching lamps that an old friend gave to me that were okay looking, but not my style. Just a little too boring. So on Saturday at Ross, I came across 2 matching lamp shades that match our curtains perfectly, and they were only $12.99 a piece! So Michael and I painted the bases of the lamps from dark brown to white:

Popped on the new lamp shades, and voila!

The look of this lamp gives a big hint to how the rest of our bedroom is going to look...
On Sunday we stopped at a yard sale right by our house when they were packing up their stuff, and got a lot of fun stuff.  We took this table, even though it sucks, because it was free:

And the day before I found a $1 pint of "shabby chic pink" paint on the Home Depot "oops" table, so I took that and painted the little sucker!

It's a very outdoor looking table I know, but we do have a porch off of our bedroom, keep that in mind.
Also at that yard sale, we got a bunch of frames for free. I took the picture and glass out of this one:

Took out my $1 shabby pink paint:

Then spray painted the glass with a few coats of my leftover chalk board paint, and made this:

I'm not sure where I'm putting it yet in our room, but I love chalk boards and was pretty excited about having one for our room too! Need to re-write my bible verse on their too in prettier handwriting.. lol.

So, that's what I've been up to lately.  Oh but that's not all, we finally got paint stripper and a power sander to start working on the TABLE! (AKA: Cute wooden breakfast nook I found on Craigslist a few weeks ago: Cute table.)  This project is going to be a LOT more work than I initially thought, and take a lot longer than I thought too, because we have to take it apart and strip all of the paint off before we even start sanding.

Here is a picture to give you an idea:

Underneath the white crackle paint is green stain... ugh.  This table WILL be a beauty when we are finished with it! And thank GOD my husband is willing to help with this because I could never do this project alone, it's a beast.

Well, that's all for now! The room reveal will probably come before the table reveal. :) Can't wait!


  1. SUPER super super cute stuff! I love that little outdoorsey table. I would totally use that as a nightstand! And I'm loving those lamps too...look at you go!

  2. Thanks Kelsey!!! :D Your opinion means a lot to me cause you ROCK at this stuff! I would use that table as a night stand and totally wanted to, but our new bed is so tall and the table is way too short! ;p But I'm definitely going to use it for something in the bedroom.