Friday, June 18, 2010

Crafts for the Home :)

Last night I finished the few crafts I was working on. 

Here is a little sign I made for the downstairs beach themed bathroom:

The board was next to nothing at Michael's, paint was 2 for $1 at Michael's, and those are real seahorses and real starfish that I got for like 50 cents a piece at the swap meet a couple years ago... I never knew what to do with them till now! 

I love how it look in the bathroom:

I also did this for the kitchen.  My friend posted Pottery Barn's version on her blog and when I was at Michael's and saw the letters, I decided why not?

Our kitchen is red so it works. You can't see but the shadowing of the letters I did black.

Here is the other side of our kitchen if you're curious. We have all red utensils and stuff.

I made another thing but I'm going to wait to show it until I reveal the guest room re-do, cause it's going in there.  :)

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