Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I love Turquoise

Hi blog readers!

I wasn't going to post this little project I did only because I know it could be so much better eventually. But, I'm bored at work with nothing to do and it is pretty cute what I did so far so I figured I'd share.

Our downstairs half bath is super tiny, and only has a toilet and a sink.  No cabinets or anything... so there's nowhere to put extra toilet paper rolls and stuff.  Our landlord put bamboo half way up the walls, which is why I decided that bathroom is the "Ocean Themed Bathroom."

So, a couple weeks ago Michael and I stopped at a yard sale down the street as they were putting everything away, and I asked the guy if he had any wooden stuff I could paint. :p  He pulled out this cute little cabinet in perfect condition and said it was only $10, so I took it! (Along with some free frames.)  I figured it would be perfect for our little bathroom but definitely not in dark brown.

So I got some turquoise spray paint in Rustoleum (actual color is called Aqua) and sprayed it!

Perfect place to put my little seahorse candle holder I got at Ross.  I have an obsession with seahorses.

Here is the other side of the itsy-bitsy bathroom if you're curious:

So obviously there isn't much room to work with in there, so the cabinet stands out and make it more fun and interesting, something to stare at while you're sitting on the pot. LOL!

I eventually want to distress the cabinet and put some seashell knobs on it, that is what I was waiting to do before sharing, but I'm impatient/bored so here ya go.

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  1. That is such a cute cabinet!! I love love LOOOVE the color! I heart turquoise in any form. I had so much fun doing the turquoise dresser for Lyla and I want to bring some turquoise into my master bedroom but don't know if it'll work with our new dark wall color. You did SUCH a great job and it totally pops against the bamboo.