Thursday, June 10, 2010

I need to get this off my chest.

I don't know why, but I have a guilty conscience. (Did I spell that word right? I'm having a brain fart..)

Anyways, what I mean is I feel like I need to share with you guys certain blogs that are REALLY inspiring to me, and where I get a lot of my ideas from... because I have been told recently that people are impressed with me and what I've done and that I'm inspiring them.. but I can't take all the credit. I wouldn't have many ideas or much inspiration if I wasn't spending hours a day on different DIY blogs admiring these amazing projects.

I will post some examples, some things that I LOVE. You'll see what I mean...

First I need to start with the very first blog that introduced me to all this stuff.  My friend Kelsey from Fabulously Flawed.  She's pretty much amazing. 

Check out this dresser she did:



It's so pretty I could eat it!

Or how about this vintage hutch she did:



SO perfect!

Now let me introduce you to my second favorite blog called The Lettered Cottage.  Not only is this chick ridiculously talented but she is a fellow blondie who loves her husband and has a Chihuahua that looks identical to mine. LOL! Okay now I sound like a stalker.... Anyways go to this link and it shows her cottage, and you can roll the mouse over each picture to see the before and afters of what she did. I'm obsessed!

Here is another blog that I visit daily, that I can't get enough of:  I particularly LOVE her decorating skills. 

Check out this ADORABLE laundry room before and after:

Or this bedroom (I think it's her daughter's room):


And now for my ALL TIME FAVORITE before and after project I have seen that I REALLLLLY want to copy someday (from a blog called Rocky Bella):

If I have a daugher, you better believe a replica of this WILL be in her nursery.  I think this dresser alone has made me decide to do birdies and pink as the nursery theme IF I ever have a daughter. *sigh*

Okay before I wrap this up, check this out too:

See what I mean?! I'm just blown away by some of the things I see on these blogs... it's soooo completely inspiring to me! 

The fact that I am getting compliments on my blog and projects I've done is so flattering because not only do I feel like a complete amature but I feel so honored to be inspiring other people like I have been inspired by others. :) So thank you so much for the comments and compliments, it means the WORLD to me! :)

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  1. Your such a sweetie! Thanks so much for the compliments! Oh and can I just tell you since you are "crazy lady with spraypaint" just like me...IKEA has CHEAP CHEAP CHEEEEEAP 8 1/2 x 11 picture frames on sale for 99cents right now! You read that right! Its a "last chance" thing so I seriously bought like 8 of them. Cool thing is that they are unfinished pine so you can sand them a little and either stain them or paint them white and they'll be SUPER cute! And they're big. I picture a wall display with cute scrapbook paper or fabric in them in a grouping! You must go buy some!!