Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just some little things..

Hey everyone :)

I'm having blogging withdrawls, and I haven't really completed anything cool or new yet so I decided to blog some random things to entertain myself (and hopefully you) until I have something cool to show off. Which will be soon because I'm ALMOST done with a couple things and also have plenty more projects on my to-do list as well.

My husband is out of town on business, which means it's time for scrapbooking and crafts! I made a cute little scrapbook "Dolce themed" because my dad LOVES Dolce.. and I'm going to give it to him for a Father's Day gift. I didn't take pics of the scrap book, but here's the mess I made while doing it:

(Notice the pretty Gigi girl to the right)

Last night I had 2 girlfriends over and we started painting our own little crafts, we haven't finished yet but when we do I'll blog about what I made!

So as you know I'm working on decorating the other side of my bedroom that is still dull and ugly. One thing we DESPERATELY needed was a CLOCK, because my husband literally every single morning asks me "What time is it?" the second he wakes up. He does it seriously every day the moment he opens his eyes, and when I finally told him how much it annoys me, he started laughing because he knew I was right, and now it's our inside joke. We will randomly ask each other "What time is it?" at the most odd moments and crack each other up. LOL. We're weird. Anyways, so I found the most beautiful clock at ROSS for like $13!!!!

Here it is:

And remember the brown vanity table that we took the mirror off and set our tv on? ( from this post )
Michael painted it for me in Heirloom White :D

So that side of the room is slowly but surely getting prettier.

Last Saturday my friend and I drove down to San Diego for some shopping. We usually just go into the clothing stores, but now that I have developed an obsession for cool house stuff, as we were shopping I couldn't help but stop dead in my tracks when we passed this amazing store called Pangea Outpost and I saw this in the window:

Along with many other beachy themed things.... We walk in and I swear I was instantly like a kid in a candy store. There are different sections in each part of the store with amazinnnnnggg hand made crafts, home decor, gifts, etc etc etc! I got a LOT of ideas of things to make.  I took some pictures of the most beautiful store displays they had so I could share with you guys:

Am I weird?  I'm just in LOVE with this place!!!!

Oh and lookie what I got to add to my beach themed bathroom!

I hung that little cutie on the wall right above the toilet LOL.  I <3 it.

Well, that's all for now. I'm excited to finish the crafts tonight that I'm working on. I'm sure I'll blog them tomorrow. 

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  1. Can't wait...I'm living through you since I'm too huge and pregnant to do much other than general "house maintanence" lol.