Thursday, July 8, 2010


Gooood morning!

I am so so so very excited to share this project with you guys. But first, let me tell a little story. 

Last Saturday my husband came home from the store and said "there's a garage sale down the street and I saw wooden stuff."  He had me at wooden stuff. Minutes later we were in the car headed down the road. 

I found this really cool old mirror with a $10 sticker on it, talked the lady down to $5 and was a happy little camper. We stopped at another garage sale on the way home and I found this neat little table that looked antique sort of, and got it for $15.

Well, a couple nights ago I decided I wanted to paint the mirror. I had the PERFECT spot for it too, couldn't wait. So, I took the back off the mirror and started pushing the mirror to get it out of the frame. I knew I should wait for my husband to get off the phone to help me, but I'm so impatient and the spray paint was CALLING my name, I couldn't stop.  Sure enough, my impatience caused me to BREAK THE MIRROR!!! WAAAAHHHH!!! I couldn't believe it happened, I just stared at the mirror for a minute straight thinking "I'm such an idiot. Really?"  UGH!

So... bye bye mirror. I have the frame still and have another project in mind for it later, but BOOOO I wanted it to be a mirror. Hmph.

I walked over to the couch and sat down to pout for a few minutes. My husband came downstairs and I told him what happened in my most grumpy voice. "Paint the table then." He said. Hubby always knows the right thing to say. :) So, I got out my power sander and started sanding away!

Here is the table before:

You can barely see because the pics came out so dark, but there is a handle missing on the front left door.

After I sanded the table (not COMPLETELY sanded it, just enough to give the paint something to adhere to) I brushed off the dust and started spray painting it. White of course. :) I ran out of paint and so the next day (which was yesterday) I went to Home Depot on my way home from work for more paint, and new knobs. When I got home I finished painting it, sanded the edges a bit with some sand paper, put on some wipe on poly, and put on new knobs when it was dry.  So easy and fun!

Here it is NOW:

I loooooooooove it!!!!!

And again, with my poor picture quality you might not be able to see this, but the edges are slightly distressed:

The hard part is deciding where to put it.  I think it will end up being a night stand in my Shabby Chic/Glam bedroom, but for now I really need something downstairs by our side door until I find the perfect sideboard table to here is how it looked in that spot before:


And now:

Such a CUTIE little table!!!

Okay I'm done with the pictures now, I promise.

How do you like it?

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  1. I love your white table ~ great job! Everything looks better painted white! ~Marcy

  2. it looks great!! Great job, I love how unique the table is.

  3. Your table is really really so pretty!!

  4. I love your table! You did such a great job on it.....Kathy

  5. Oh I love and your hubby are so cute! Very nice to meet you and come across your blog :).

  6. Thank you all for the comments! I just learned how to "link up" to other blogs and this is the first time I've ever had so many comments :) You all made my day.

  7. The style of your table is fantastic but you made it fabulous with the white!! : )

  8. Gotta love garage sales! Finding treasures, fixing them up, and giving them a new home is such a fun process!

  9. love the shape of your table and the makeover turned out perfect!! there's a few spots in my house i'd love to have it in. :)


  10. Stopping by from NFF to say hi.
    Have a great day!

  11. OMG, it came out great! So Cute! Thanks for sharing! Sorry 'bout the mirror ... I know exactly what you mean! I've had my share of similar experiences and I still can't wait!

  12. If my hubby came home and said that...."wow, how lucky you are!" I had to laugh though at the way he said it. LOL Following you now thru the DIY Club. Pam @ Sallygoodin (P.S. I hope you saved the broken mirror pieces. There are actually several cool projects on the net for broken mirrors.)

  13. Love the table re-do. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. (Karie's Daley Life)

  14. Wow, what a wonderful job!
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. what an interesting shape to that table, and love those knobs! great job, girl!

  16. I've never seen one like it~very unique.
    I like the knobs you put on it, and the white paint.

    Well done!

  17. What a great find. I just adore the lines of the table. Love it white too! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! ~Stephanie Lynn

  18. Great job on the table, it is beautiful! I laughed out loud when I read how you husband came home with his news of "wooden stuff" lol!

    Jess from

  19. nice job! it came out really great :)