Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Temporary re-do of the Guest Room

I needed to make the guest room presentable at the beginning of summer because of out of town guests coming, and so I did the best I could with what I had.  I still have more I want to do with it, but for now, I'll show you how it looks so far.

Here is how it used to look:

Notice the silver mirrors? Those are the ones I turned into the cute chalkboards!

And now:

As you saw before in a previous blog post, we got a new bed in the master. So we put the bed we were using in there in the guest room, and put it off the other wall.  We went to TJ Max for white sheets and the adorable duvet set that I LOVE.

This lamp used to be SOOOO ugly.... and I'm a horrible blogger and forgot to take a before picture of it.  It also had a completely different lamp shade.  So, I took one of the old lamp shades from my other lamp re-do and spray painted the base of this one with the aqua color I love. The walls in this room are light blue so I wanted to work with that.  The table used to be this hideous black tv stand that was collecting dust in our garage... I just grabbed some Heirloom White and made it look perfect!

The little frames in the corner used to look like this:

I got them for free and found some $1 oops paint at Home Depot in that blue color and decided to use them to help decorate the room for now.  Random but they work.

I made this. (Obviously.)  I just got a little canvas from Michael's and painted on the words... and then found a silver frame we had in storage and spray painted it white to match better. 

And made another memo board thingy the wall.  You can barely see but there's a little bird cage with a porcelain birdie inside of it on the table. Michael's sister gave me 2 of them for my birthday because she knew how much I loved her bird cages in her house. :) They're such a cool decoration!

So, that's the guest room for now. Let me know what you think

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  1. Stevie, Your doing a really cute job with your house. Everything is looking really nice. I love the little memo board.
    And the table you re-did in the other post is gorgeous!