Monday, July 12, 2010

Visions of my future....

Alright well I did a little bit of garage sale hunting this past weekend and didn't find anything good so I don't have a new project to post today.  I will very soon though.

In the meantime I've decided to make a To-Do list for myself of things I want/need to accomplish for my home, and my blog.  If I make my list public, it'll make it harder for me to ignore it and procrastinate too much. Also, I can revert back to this blog post and check off what I've done.  I don't want to put a deadline on it, but I hope to have all of this stuff done by the end of the year at the very LATEST.  End of summer would be earliest but I don't see that happening considering it's already mid-July.

Here is my list (in no particular order):

1.  Make cusions for our window seated hallway.  I need to find the perfect fabric and get the padding, once that is done it'll be a super easy and quick project, and make a world of a difference. It looks like this now:

2.  Somehow, someway figure out how to make cushions for the chairs and benches on our newly completed fabulous table.  If anyone reading this has any advice, or knows where I can find a tutorial on how to do this, it would be so greatly appreciated! I DO NOT know how to sew and don't know the first thing about fabric stores. But I am a quick study. ;)  Also, before I do this, Michael and I are going to touch up the wipe-on-poly coat on the table.

3.  Start video taping more, and hopefully do video tutorials of some of my projects so I can start video blogging like my favorite blogger Layla at The Lettered Cottage. Videos make it so much more interesting, and we never used our video camera it's silly!

4.  Finish decorating the other side of our master bedroom.  I showed a pic of what it looks like in that link...

5.  Find a huge gigantic mirror to replace the gigantic picture we currently have on our living room wall.  I don't know, this picture is just not ME, and I feel like mirror will really open up the room since it tends to feel a little small and dark in there.

6.  NEED to find an old desk on Craiglist and fix it up for my bedroom to go on the wall below my window!

7.  I would like to paint a wall in our house.  Yes, we're renting and my husband might put up a fight with me on this one, but I need more color in that house and I think if we do a great job and choose an awesome color, our landlord will thank us! And if worst comes to worst we can paint over it later on.


9.  I need to decorate my stairway wall! You can kind of see it in this picture:


10.  I'd love to do more work on our backyard, make it prettier. I'm not sure what to do with it yet but something will come to mind.

And that is my list so far.... I might add to this list as time goes on and I will probably edit it to show when I am done with certain things on it!

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  1. Hey, I just awarded you with the blog with substance award! I love everything you do! Congrats!