Thursday, July 22, 2010

When the hubby leaves town... I decorate.

Here is a random project I did the other night because I happened to have all of the materials to make it with.  A glue gun, garden twine, and a wine bottle.  I got the idea from Rocky Bella's post here.

All I did was took the garden twine...

slowly but surely hot glued it all the way around the wine bottle. After I was done I cut off most of the little furry things sticking out.  Then I took an extra wooden heart I had from Michael's and painted it sage green, and hot glued that on as well.

I put it up on top of my Pottery Barn wine racks.

I call this the Wine Wall. Lol. I am very fond of it. :p You may notice that we are lacking on wine glasses.... 2 of them were in the dishwasher but every single other one has been broken! I buy wine glasses from Target for a reason...

That same night I also took this frame I got at the Dollar Tree and spray painted it with my favorite color..

To go in the guest room, which I now call "The Tranquility Room"... cause it just ended up feeling that way. :)

I apologize for the blurry pictures. Ugh.  I also took this from the wall I just redecorated in our bedroom:

And turned it into this:

And put it in the Tranquility Guest Room:

I reversed the duvet to switch it up for a bit...

That's all for now. :)



  1. Love the bottle and your "Tranquility Room"! Perfect!

  2. I love the room, it looks great.

  3. I do the same thing...When the hubs goes away I do my best decorating work!!! Your room looks fabulous.

  4. Stevie the blues in this room are SO pretty. I love your wine wall & I break my wine glasses all the time too!

  5. I love your wine rack. It's so neat, and the bottle added special charm. Awesome job on the dollar frame too. And I adore your guest room; it's so inviting.
    Have a great week!

  6. Love all your decorations that you made! You were busy while your hubby was away!! I do lots of decorating when mine is gone too : ) (although sometimes I get carried away and take on a huge project!)

    Thanks SO much for stopping by (and the follow) -you are too sweet! :)

  7. Love the frames, I picked up the same one from the Dollar Tree in black=) Coming from New Friend Friday, and your newest follower=)