Monday, July 19, 2010

The Woman Cave & my Dollar Tree decals...

Good morning friends!

Over the weekend we went to my good friend Sommer's mom's house for a pool party.  Their house is AMAZING let me tell you.  Mary, Sommer's mom has impeccable taste.  I think I love just about every single thing she's done in her home.  One thing she just did was made one of her rooms into "The Woman Cave." I LOVED it so much, I had to take pictures and blog about it. I think you guys will be as inspired as I was!!

A soft, light blue color on the walls, a gorgeous chandelier, gorgeous blue drapes, and a mirrored vanity table from Pier One....

I'm in love with the white parrot sculptures on the walls...

Glamorous artwork on the walls from Z Gallery....

A furry white rug... ahhh! She said she has a white leather couch on it's way that will be going on there with a pull out bed, so I told her that's where I will sleep when I come stay the night, hehe!

In the closet there is a jewelry dresser too.

Such a perfect Woman Cave!

And now for my latest Dollar Tree find!  I was about to give up the other day while shopping at the most ghetto Dollar Tree I've ever  been to in my life, when I passed a section with wall decals. Most of them were majorly cheesy but I found some that are just letters, and for a dollar I said why not and bought them.  I decided my laundry room needed something new:

I love words.... I have them all over my house and I will probably keep adding more and more of them everywhere until my husband makes me stop.

Towel closet...

I got that little Laundry sign at Ross for super cheap not long ago.. that dust buster on th wall needs to be hidden I just now realized that. Lol.

Soap and Bleach cupboards...

Not too bad for Dollar Tree huh?? I really like my new laundry room labels! :)

Oh and one more thing! When I went over to Mary's house on Saturday, her neighbor had a few pieces of furniture for sale on his driveway, so of COURSE I had to go take a peek. I ended up buying a really cool BIG mirror from him! I'm excited to paint it and hang it somewhere.. blog post to come on that! Also... Mary is getting rid of a really beautiful big wood dresser, and guess who gets it?! MEEE!!! I can't wait to paint it!!! :D

I hope you all had a great weekend. :)



  1. That is a beautiful room, love the little jewelry dresser in the closet.
    I was thinking of putting something on my doors to label them, too. :)

  2. cute!! i love vinyl!! i SO want a cricut for christmas!