Friday, October 22, 2010

An easy craft for the nauseous pregnant woman.

On Monday I had a rare day of feeling GREAT, so I decided to take advantage of that and do a very small, and easy project.  I also somehow had the energy to decorate my house for fall, and cook dinner. That is a huge accomplishment for me, considering I am 14 weeks pregnant and STILL having extreme nausea, occasional vomiting, and sleepiness.

Now that I'm done feeling sorry for myself, here is what I made:

Supplies ~
White wooden letters from Michael's.
Mod Podge glue.
4 pieces of fall scrapbook paper.
A pen to trace.
Antique White acrylic paint.

I just took the letters and traced each one onto the fall print scrapbook paper, cut out the letters, and then painted the sides and the back of them with the antique white paint:

After the paint was dry, I took the cut out fall paper letters and mod podged them onto the wooden letters to make this:

Perfect for trying to hide my hubby's adorable surround sound speaker on my mantel.

Look at our little pumpkins, one for MJ, me, the 3 doggies... and the tiny little one at the end is for baby. :D 

I know this was probably my lamest project ever, but it was worth it... I was starting to go crazy from no creativity these past few months. 

Here's to hoping that the sickness and fatigue go away soon so I can start on the NURSERY!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


The reason I've been MIA the past couple months is because I'm pregnant! We're expecting our first child on 4/20/10. I thought I'd have a sonogram picture to show for this post, but I don't think we get one for a couple months. But, we DID hear the heartbeat today and it was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. I cannot believe my very own mini Michael or mini Stevie is growing inside of me! :D We're so so so happy and excited, and I'm looking forward to this nausea and fatigue dying down very soon so that I can start doing PROJECTS again and get started on the nursery! :)