Monday, November 15, 2010

Living Room Re-decorated AGAIN!

Hello! My husband and I are working hard on getting the nursery done, and once that is finished I of course will post before and afters. As of now we have it all painted but none of the furniture yet, but I'm only 17 1/2 weeks so there's plenty of time! 

In the meantime, me being in mega-nesting mode, I got the itch to re-decorate our downstairs living area once again. This time it really does look better than it ever has. After a quick trip to Ikea, and moving around a few things, our living room feels brand new. There's nothing I love more than change when it comes to my home!
Here  is what our living room looked like before.  Now it looks like this: 

We moved the TV from the mantle to the other wall. I wanted to decorate my mantle the way I've always wanted to, and I always felt like that adjacent wall was boring and needed to be decorated differently. Those 2 shelves are from Ikea and I think it worked out well for filling up the space beside the TV.

Also, I replaced the green/beige curtains we had before with these white ones from Ikea. I love that their curtains come with iron hemming kits. It made it so easy! I love white and since our living room doesn't get a lot of natural sunlight coming in, I feel like all the white accents lighten it up in there a lot.  

Oh, and I plan on spray painting my black Pottery Barn  mirror above the fireplace white eventually to make it match. But, for now I think the black works. Who knows, I might just leave it. 

We took the white mirror that was on the wall in the living room before and put it above the dining room table. Looks much better there. I'm sad that my pretty chalkboard and memo board are gone now but those were we will find a better spot for those later.

I heart mirrors.

I'm pretty sure those shelves will get re-decorated quite a bit. :)

(Dolce was peaking at me behind the curtains..)

And here is a shot of my growing baby bump that I took while my hubby slaved away on the nursery. ;p

17 1/2 weeks along... and it's a boy, we're naming him Cole. <3

Thanks for reading!