Monday, April 4, 2011

Crafts I've been making to stay distracted.... and our maternity photos :)

Good morning!

As my due date approaches, (exactly 2 weeks from Wednesday), I am obviously antsy and dying from anticipation of the arrival of my baby boy! I have been nesting to say the least, and part of my nesting has been making random projects. (Some that have come out not so great and are not worthy of this blog), but some have turned out pretty cute so I decided to blog them and prove that I am STILL doing projects these days and I am STILL using my blog! ;) Eventually, I'll be back to the bigger and better projects.

One project I made was a little sign for the nursery that says "Baby Cave" (instead of "Man Cave" which is the room next door to the nursery AKA: Michael's dungeon).  I just took a plain piece of wood from the good old wood crafts section at Michael's, painted it white, and after the white paint dried I took a zebra print print-out and drew on the stripes with pencil (the beauty about animal print is it doesn't have to be perfect, the more un-perfect it looks the better):

Then I painted in the stripes with black:

Then I stenciled on my "Baby Cave" letters and painted them in with red paint pen (and then a coat of red paint over the pen because it wasn't dark enough):

And  after it was dry I glued on these 2 little sunshines I had in my craft bag to add to it, and here it is:

Moving on! The next project I did was for one of my best friend's Keleigh, she is pregnant with TRIPLETS and due a couple months after me.  Their names are Davison, Greyson, and Jackson, so I did their first initials in different animal prints since she is doing a safari themed nursery as well.  You can't see the edges, but I painted each one a different color to match their print.  The animal prints are pieces of scrapbook paper that I mod podged on:

As you can see the zebra print one bubbled because the paper was just too thin, so the next day I went back and got thicker scrapbook zebra paper and re-did it.  The zebra paper was SO cute (the black stripes had sparkles) that I had to make and S & M for our bedroom.  If you have a dirty mind and think the S & M stands for what it does in the Rhianna song then you are wrong! Lol! I did it for Stevie and Michael of course. ;)

The edges are painted black.  Here's how they look in our room:

And I'm so obsessed with these letters I've been making, (Michael's now carries the BIG letters finally) that I did ONE more for our hallway at the top of the stairs. I would have done "JACKSON" across the top of our living room wall but Michael said no. :( He thought it would look cheesy.  So, here is how the top of the stair case looked before (this damask frame is from Ikea FYI):

And I made this J (for Jackson) with damask print scrapbook paper and painted the edges black:

Here's how it ties in with the rest of the stairway area:

(That photo is of Michael and I YEARS ago on a rock in Laguna, our friend snapped that shot and since it turned out looking super cool I blew it up and framed it.)
The last project I'm sharing was just random and on a whim, I bought this little plain wood box from Michael's knowing I could do something fun with it when I had an itch to do a project... so I decided why not make something for the nursery (since that's my main focus these days) and painted it baby blue:

Then I took the leftover scrapbook paper from all these animal print letters I've been making, and mod podged them to the front and back of the box:

And then I just took a left over chalkboard sign from my baby closet cubby project and hot glued it on, and glued on some animals too:

And if I ever want to use the box for something else, I just have to wipe off the chalkboard ink and re-label it! I like it here for now though next to my changing table:

Annnnnd last but not least, I thought I'd share our maternity photos with you guys.  We're really happy with how they turned out.  Photos by Jay Warren at Studio 7a Photography:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Adorable projects and those pictures...SWOON! They turned out so cute! I really wish I would've had Ron in my maternity shots...sniff sniff...guess I'll just have to have another baby so I have an opportunity! lol :)

  2. The photos are beautiful! I love that box. Super cute.

  3. Can I please ask where you got those two dresses? They are gorgoeus!

  4. Thank you :) First one was from Forever 21, second one was from Target, and the third one is a Diane Von Furstenburg from a consignment store. I'm definitely a bargain shopper! :)