Friday, July 1, 2011

My baby is here!!! :)

Well... he has been here for 11 weeks now but I have had NO time to blog of course! As I type this he is wigging at my side and starting to get sick of staring at the ceiling fan so I gotta make this quick!

Cole Michael was born on 4/15/11, 5lbs 6oz, 17 1/2" long, and so far has blonde hair and blue eyes. I have never been SO in love in my entire life. What a blessing from heaven my little guy is! Here is a pic from his 1 month photo shoot:

Here's one of him that's more recent, he's starting to chub-up:

yes... He's to-die-for cute.

I'm sure you all understand why I have had no time for projects lately (even though I do have something sitting in my garage just calling my name to re-finish) I did just recently re-decorate our living room for the summer and thought I might as well blog it!

Here is our living room before:

And here it is after! (My hubby TOTALLY helped with everything too.)

Simple things we changed to make a big difference:

 *Moved couches to open it up more and make it feel new and different.
*Added 4 new yellow pillows and a yellow throw. (From Target.) We chose yellow to brighten it up because our living room is the darkest room in our house.
*Added another shelf in the middle of the wall and moved the TV to the other side. (Got the shelf from Ikea.) Moved the mirror that was above the mantel over to the wall above shelf.
*Brought our coffee table back in from the garage so I could put my pretty Orchid's on it.
*Got some yellow spray paint and sprayed my 2 brown picture frames, and the brown floor vase yellow! Added fake yellow orchids and fake yellow daisies from Ikea too.

I love CHANGE and brightening things up whenever possible! Okay fussy baby needs a nap now, bye bye!