Monday, August 15, 2011

The Jackson Outdoor Oasis

We decided to take down the old, rotting, gross looking awning outside of our patio & replace it with something MUCH more US...

Here's our patio before:

And here is our Jackson Outdoor Oasis:

Hubby got the gazebo as part of an anniversary present for me, and these are our old couches... (we have the same ones but new inside.) Accessories from Ikea, table from in our living room.

This stud muffin right here made it all possible by buying the things needed for me and setting everything up:

Now we have a place to set up the projector screen and watch movies outside at night!!! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Canvas Art Project


I haven't had much time lately to do many projects, considering I'm a first time mom raising a 3 1/2 month old, but now that I'm starting to get a little bit of free time while he naps, I decided to do a couple projects the other day.  I love painting but I am NOT an artist by any means, so I just painted a couple with words on them. I love words! They're all over my house.

Here are the two I made:

The letters didn't come out perfect, but perfect is boring anyways right? ;)

I still have an old piece of furniture sitting in my garage just begging me to sand and paint it... I do plan on doing that ASAP... possibly this week. So I hope to have a furniture re-do to share very soon!

Thanks for reading and God Bless :D