Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is he for real?

So... I just had to post this amazingness.

While my baby and I were back home in Portland, OR visiting family and friends for 5 days, my husband decided to do something SUPER sweet and unexpected for me.

I get home and go upstairs in our room to see he refinished my old antique vanity I've had sitting in our garage since I was pregnant.  Not only did he take it apart, sand it down, and paint it my favorite shade of pink... but he also painted the hardware white, glued rhinestones on the inside, lined the drawers with zebra print, and took an old chair we had in the garage and made it into a little stool and lined the seat with zebra!!! He also bought the manican that matches perfectly and hung all of my necklaces on it, and hung a chandelier. Oh, and he painted and bejeweled 2 picture frames I had to match.

Here it is:

Really MJ? Is this man human? And he did such a good job it makes all of my past projects look bad, haha! Did I mention that he also put all of my jewelry and watches in it for me?

I'm a blessed woman.