Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Give Thanks banner

At it with the burlap again...

This time I made a Thanksgiving banner for our mantel, I got the idea from Pottery Barn.

Supplies needed:
(Burlap, printed letters in whatever font you want, mod podge, twine, scissors, and a glue gun/glue.)

I just cut out the triangles, cut out the letters, and mod podged them on. Then hot glued the triangles to the twine. :)

It totally didn't turn out Pottery Barn worthy but I still like it, imperfections are fun to me. I had to re-print some letters and cut them down to fit in the triangles because I cut them too small. If you do this project I suggest tracing each triangle to make them all the same size, and THEN printing the letters so they're small enough to fit in them.

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