Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Key and burlap frames

I bought some antique looking keys with words on them at Michael's awhile back and wanted to use them for something. Target happened to be having a sale on little picture frames for $1.86 a piece so I decided to buy some and frame the keys! I scored a bunch of burlap from my lovely friend Kelsey so I have been using it for almost all of my projects lately.. so I of course decided to use some burlap too!

The supplies I used:
(Frames, hot glue/glue gun, keys, scissors, and some burlap.)

I'm sure it's common sense but... I cut out a piece of burlap, glued it to the inside of the back piece of the picture frame, attached the back back onto the frame, and then glued on the key.

I made 3 of them to add to our gallery wall in the hallway!

Makes me smile every time I walk past it :)

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