Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally... 7 months later I blog about my baby's first birthday!

My little man turned one year old on April 15th and I threw him a really cute party. I never got around to blogging about it so I thought I would do that now... even though it's November and he is 19 months now. ;)

I decided on Nautical theme... I wanted to do that for the nursery but my husband wouldn't let me.  So first birthday theme it was!

Due to the large number of guests who attended, we held it at a nearby park with a picnic table shelter. It worked out really well.  I went down to the City a couple months before the party, reserved the shelter for only $20 or so, and had it in writing that the shelter was ours in case anyone tried to take it that morning before us. Make sure if you throw a party in a public place you make a reservation!!!

Here are some pics:

This is the pennant banner I made. It has 3 anchors and "Happy Birthday Cole" on it. I made out of poster board, hot glue, and twine. That's all! Blue and red streamers around the edges of the whole picnic shelter.

The tables had blue table cloths and Nautical themed party plates we found online, the blue and white striped napkins and red buckets/blue shovels are from Party City, and I tied twine and put a white life saver around the napkins. That idea came from Pinterest. :) Each bucket had either pretzels or Goldfish in them.

I wish I had a better close up of this, but this was a picture wall of Cole. Each picture was his monthly photos I took (and posted about and how to here), and all of the guests signed the edges of the pictures. My plan is to turn this into a book for Cole so he will have it forever and see the notes from all of his loved ones. 

We matched :)

Cake from Costco. 

Cole's birthday boy throne had a First Birthday banner, a First Birthday mat underneath the high chair, and blue & white balloons. All from Party City.

"Mr. One-derful" bib from Party City.

We love our little munchkin.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the party favor bags. They were filled with nautical goodies like life savers, tied twizzlers, pirate eye patches, swedish fish, bubbles, and more.

I love throwing parties! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving Decor Craft & more!

Hi friends!

Sick of hearing about the election today? So am I. So let's talk about holiday decor and distract ourselves for a bit before they make the big announcement. :)

Last year I made a "Give Thanks" banner but ever since I made it I have not been satisfied. It's really hard to cut burlap in a straight line, so making a pennant banner with perfectly matching triangles was really hard. The edges were all frayed and the letters were uneven as well, so I decided to try a different one today. I like it much better:

(Excuse the picture quality... my camera broke, so I had to use my phone. Praying that the hubby will buy me a new camera for Christmas!!!)

To make the same thing in whatever words you would like, here are the materials you will need:

1.  Burlap material. (Cheap at fabric stores.)
2.  Clothes pins.
3.  Black acrylic paint.
4.  Stencils from Michael's Crafts.
5.  Twine.
6.  Small foam paint brush.

How to:

1.  Simply cut the squares out of the burlap. To cut a straight line, pull a string of burlap on the side of the pieces where you would like to cut, and let the fabric sinch up until the string comes out. That will help you have a straight line to cut across. I cut one and then used it as a guide for the others to make them the same size.  Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect.

2.  Lay your first letter stencil down on the center of the burlap.  I use these blue plastic stencils from Michael's... they worked perfect because I could get paint all over them and then just rinse it right off:

3.  Dip your brush in your glob of paint but do NOT use too much.... it will bleed and mess up your letters. Use just enough to where you can sponge it on in the stencil:

4.  Once you finish all of your letters and the paint is dry, cut a string of twine as long as you would like it to be (I measured over on my mantle first to see exactly how I wanted it) and then use the clothes pins to clip on all the pieces of burlap.

Now when I stare at my banner I can be happy with it instead of annoyed that it's uneven and fraying! 

I also did a little Turkey Day chalk art on my chalkboard key holder:

My stomach was growling while writing out that menu...

One more thing.  I updated the page of my blog with our home tour.  Here is if you would like to check it out:

Alright everyone, enjoy the rest of your evening... finding out who our next president is! May the odds be ever in your favor.... LOL just kidding.  If you got that joke then you're about as geeky as I am. ;)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comparing the Past to the Present

I just had a conversation about my past with someone, a time that I don't prefer to remember much about, and it made me compare those times with who I am and where I am now.

I am so grateful to the Lord above for the amazing husband and son that I have. I never imagined I would end up so blessed.

Our pasts not only shape who we are today, but I think sometimes God uses the images and memories in our minds from painful experiences to give us the comparison and realization of how truly far we have come, and how proud He is of us now.

So to anyone reading this who may be going through a tough time now, and you're unsure of why things are going the way that they are... just remember that God has written your story and it ALWAYS ends good. (Jeremiah 29:11). The trials he is putting you through are only an important part of your journey that is leading to something so much better.

(Chalk art I did on my homemade chalkboard!)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Document your child's milestones the fun way :)

When I first had my son I saw one of those cute pictures on Pinterest of the toddler holding up a chalkboard saying his name, age, weight, & milestones. I thought it was such a cute idea and wanted to do that with Cole from day one... but obviously there is no way to have a newborn hold a chalkboard.

So... I made up my own version using Picasa, Google's photo editing program. I use it for all of my photo editing and really love it, it's free and if you don't have it here is the link:

Below are all of the pictures I've done so far, I was going to stop at 12 months but I kept on going and I just did the 18 month one! I think I'll do it until 2 years old... why not. It's easy.

Here they are from the beginning, and below is the tutorial:

Cute right?

1.  Download Picasa if you haven't already done so.
2.  Upload your picture to Picasa... or search for it on the left hand side bar because Picasa will automatically upload your files.
3.  Double click on whatever image you want to use to open it up.
4.  On the left hand side of the screen you will see the different tabs for editing tools. Click on the tab with the wrench on it, and click the "text" box.
5.  Click anywhere on the picture to start typing in your text.  After you've done so you can choose the font, size, and color on the left hand side. Then you can move the text box around if you would like.
6.  Once you are finished, click "apply", and then at the bottom of the screen click "export". This will allow you to save the photo anywhere on your computer. Start a folder with all of your child's pictures in one place. Upload to Facebook and/or share with friends/family.

I made a collage of all of them just so I could see how much he has changed from the beginning until now... okay I promise I'm not getting choked up.

I did a neat project with these photos for Cole's First Birthday party... I will do another blog post all about that very soon, so stay tuned. :)

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blingy Pumpkins

Happy Friday Eve!

I made some pumpkins look super cute & fabulous last night and wanted to share the idea with anyone who wants to have some glamorous looking pumpkins added to their fall decor. :)

I bought the mini pumpkins at the grocery store, and the 3 bigger gold ones were from the dollar section at Target... they were a dark ugly bronze color. I just spray painted them gold using paint I already had in the garage, and on the mini pumpkins I spray painted them white and super glued on some extra rhinestones I had. I want to make more but I have no where to put them!! :) Love the extra girly touch it brings to my living room that I get to stare at for another month and a half until.... CHRISTMAS!!!