Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chalkboard key holder

Happy Tuesday!

Today my husband was gone all day and my little monkey decided to take a 3 hour nap, so I had some DIY time... WOOHOO!

I've always wanted a larger chalkboard near the kitchen area, but we don't have a lot of wall space near our kitchen. I do have a wall in between our kitchen and the door that leads to the garage though, that I've been using for a key holder and a smaller chalkboard I made:

The tiny chalkboard just wasn't cutting it for me though. So...

I took an old mirror:

Removed the frame from the mirror, primed the mirror and the frame:

Once the primer was dry on the mirror, I spray painted it with chalkboard spray paint (2-3 coats, let each one dry before starting another):

And after each piece was completely dry (wait a good 2 hours or so, and DON'T write on the chalkboard for at least 6 hours!) I put them back together:

Then I removed the hooks from the old key holder and drilled them onto the mirror, and hung it up!

Now, I'm not a TRUE DIYer when it comes to drilling things and all that... I am clueless when it comes to tools. But, there are 2 things I've bought since starting my DIY projects that I am proud to say I'm now comfortable with: A power sander and a craft drill. Both are easy to use and come in handy majorly with DIY projects! The craft drill is how I drilled the hooks in and the nails in the wall.  I think every woman should own one, no more needing to ask hubby to screw nails into walls lol!

I'm definitely happy with it! And someday if I get sick of the gold all I need to do is remove the frame, paint it a new color and put it back together again. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

I have a confession...

My kitchen is was a DISGUSTING disaster area!

This morning I woke up, came downstairs to get some coffee, and as I looked around my kitchen.. it hit me.  We are pigs.  Filthy pigs.

Okay, we aren't that bad.  I have been complimented before on how clean we are.. I never let the dishes pile up and our counters are almost always clean.. but it's the hidden places I'm talking about. Like inside of the fridge, the cupboards, and the drawers. We don't just have a junk drawer, we have like 8 of them. I decided that today being my only free day this week, it was time to do something about this problem area. Now.

After I chugged some coffee I packed up baby man and made a quick trip to the Dollar Tree for some organizing supplies. (Big spenders we are.)

When I got home, I took some before pictures of the scary stuff.  Below, I am going to post them for you, followed by the "after" ... but this is your warning that the before pictures are not for the faint of heart.

Refrigerator before (dun dun dunnnnnnn):

After (I also scrubbed down the shelves really well, they were nasty):

Junk drawer #1 before:


Junk Drawer #2 before:


Junk drawer #3 before:


Under the island before:


Pantry before:

Pantry after:

Silverware drawer before:

Utensil drawers before:

 And after:

It's amazing how great it feels to be organized.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Easy & Cheap ways to revamp & redecorate your home!

Hello friends!

I'm the type of person who needs constant change when it comes to my home, whether it's  a new furniture arrangement in my living room or new pictures for my walls... I love love love changing things up. I get bored easily, and there's something so great about a new and fresh change in the place I spend the most time. The place that is most important to me, HOME.

I know a lot of you out there might be stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to your house... maybe you're bored with it and want a change, but don't know where to start, or think you can't afford it.  Well the good news is, it doesn't take hiring an interior designer or going out and buying all new furniture and decor to make your home feel new again.

I put together a list of ideas to spice up the rooms in your home, without breaking the bank or requiring a full day or weekend's work.  I hope to inspire or encourage you to tap into your creative side and change things up, I promise you won't regret it.

1.  Find an inspiration room, & start from there!
These days we have way too many options to choose from thanks to the internet.  My favorite website for inspiration is Pinterest, you can search for just about any color or idea you have in mind and collect a bunch of inspiration photos. You can also just search in Google Image for just about anything you can think of. First decide which room in your own home you would like to change first. You have to take one room at a time, and go little by little. Once you have found some different rooms online you think are beautiful, decide what it is about those rooms you love the most. Is it the color? The pillows on the couch? The lamp shades? The mixture of prints and/or colors? Once you have an idea in your mind of what you want, and a vision for where you are going, it'll be much easier to start your revamping process. Who knows, you may have an exact vision of what you want in mind already and not need the internet to spark any ideas!

2.  Move around furniture.
I personally can't do it enough. When it comes to furniture there are so many ways it can be arranged, and just moving a table or couch to another wall can make a room feel brand new again. It doesn't cost anything and only takes a few minutes. There isn't just one way your furniture belongs in your house, move it around and see how it feels. You have nothing to lose, you can just put it back the way it was if you don't like it. It's worth a try! Just make sure you don't lift anything too heavy, get some help if needed.
3.  Spray paint stuff.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, a can of spray paint can do wonders!  For less than $4 you can buy a can of spray paint (I recommend Rustoleum at Home Depot) and spray paint so many different things. A change in color of your home decor and accessories can freshen things up and make you feel like you went out and bought all new stuff.  It's easy too, just lay out an old sheet on your back patio or in your garage, wear some old clothes, and spray away! I recommend a face mask if you're spraying a lot, or in the garage with the door shut.  Here is a list of ideas of things you can spray paint in your home:

- Picture frames (You can see a bunch of before and afters of these throughout my blog.)  Most all frames can be transformed with spray paint no matter how ugly they are. And don't think you need to have a picture to put in them, you can hang an empty frame on a wall and it looks great!

- Candle sticks, jars, cans, etc.

- Furniture (I don't recommend doing huge furniture makeovers with spray paint, but it works great on smaller pieces.)

- Hardware on furniture.

- Things collected from outdoors and put into vases such as pine cones, seashells, branches, etc.

- Book ends

- Lamp bases

- Mirror frames (below they sprayed the frame white and sprayed the mirror with chalkboard spray paint... there are a MILLION things you can spray with chalkboard paint too!)

- Wine bottles (remove the label first!)

The ideas are endless... here is a link to a post of some things I spray painted in our home awhile back.

4.   Transform a small space.
The smallest rooms are the easiest to make a huge transformation in.  A bathroom, or a closet are easy and fun to redo.  Painting the walls or even just one accent wall will do WONDERS.  Paint isn't expensive and when there isn't much wall space, it won't take long.  Check out my girl Kelsey's laundry room makeover she did recently, all while her kiddos napped!



See the entire blog post with more pics here.

The taping off of the stripes is what takes some time, but all she had to do was buy some paint from Home Depot (the "oops" section has pints for .50 cents or gallons for a dollar), and some reorganization!

Put some baskets or bins on a shelf, and voila, you have a cute and inexpensive way to organize a small space.

Buy some new hand towels, paint a wall, and cover your switch plates with fabric in your bathroom. Instantly changed into a new and improved space!

Many homes have little nooks you can get creative with, just look around your home for areas that could use improvement, and use your imagination!

5.  Get organized & eliminate!
Not only only does being organized make you feel good and make your life easier, but it can transform the look of a room as well.  Clutter on shelves, counter tops, or desk spaces can be really ugly. It's time to get rid of some of that old stuff you've been hanging onto and move on.  If you haven't had the use for it in over a year, just toss it. Better yet, take it to Goodwill because your trash could be someone else's treasure.  Check out this amazing pantry below, using jars & containers with chalkboard paint labels, this pantry was transformed into something not only functional but GORGEOUS to look at!

Yes, getting rid of clutter feels great. But if you feel like your home is lacking something interesting, try digging out some old storage and see if you have anything vintage or fun you could turn into a cool new accessory in your home. Which brings me to my next point!

6.  Turn something old into something new:

My blog is full of ideas for this, I love to hunt Craigslist, garage sales and thrift stores for old pieces of furniture to refinish and make beautiful for my home. Like the picture below for example, old crates painted and hung on the wall to hold shoes in a mudroom:

Or how about an old nightstand from Goodwill, cut in half & painted, then nailed onto each side of the bed:

Pallets may seem old and useless, but when put to use as a coffee table next to chic pillows and furniture, you will be pleasantly surprised:

 Below is something I did recently.  My friend gave me a couple of burlap coffee sacks to use for crafts or whatever I wanted. I came across an old ugly picture that had a cool frame and decided to frame the burlap and fill up a big blank part of our hallway wall. Here is the ugly frame before:

 After I took apart the picture, sprayed the frame, and stapled gunned the burlap sack to the back:

If you see something you think might look cute on a shelf, or have a certain decor item you aren't sure about, google it! Or better yet, search for it in Pinterest. See if anyone else has done something cool with whatever you have and get some ideas. You'd be surprised how many old school trends have come back in interior design, and antique/vintage items have TONS of potential.. so be careful what you throw away!

7.  Change colors, or add color.

If you're bored with the look of a room in your house, a quick and inexpensive way to freshen it up is to change the color scheme.  For example, my living room was brown, green, and tan for the longest time... I was so sick of the neutrals and needed color.  We decided on yellow. The only thing I had to buy was 4 yellow throw pillows, 2 yellow candles, and a yellow throw from Target. Then I spray painted a vase, 2 picture frames, and a chalk board frame yellow.  So simple, easy, and cheap and our living room was transformed.  Also, don't forget drapes. Changing your curtains up can make a HUGE statement, and they are so easy to find for an inexpensive price if you go to the right places.

For those of you who are new to bargain shopping, here is a list of some of the places I go for inexpensive home decor (remember, sometimes these places will have nothing, and sometimes you'll hit the jackpot. It's all about the treasure hunt!):

- Target
- Ikea
- Walmart 
- Ross
- TJ Maxx Home Goods
- Big Lots
- Marshalls

If you decide on a bright color, you only need a few accent pieces to make a bold statement. Go for it, be bold!

In my opinion, your home represents who you are, what message do you want to portray?