Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cole's Changing Table Makeover

Hola Amigos! :)

Last weekend one of the knobs fell off my son's changing table.  I took that as a sign it was time to finally paint the thing.  I've been wanting to since the day I bought it off Craigslist when I was pregnant, due to it's scratches and dents...and the fact that it's a wood piece of furniture.  Every wood piece of furniture I see seems to scream "PAINT ME!!!" I know wood furniture can be gorgeous, but this piece was not.

I started sanding Monday morning, and worked on it little by little all week, and finally finished it tonight.

I knew I wanted it to be a bright color, something that would pop in the nursery.  I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted but when I went to Home Depot and saw a really pretty shade of blue in the "oops" section, I took that as another sign.  The changing table shall be blue. :)

Here it is before:

And After:

Mi gusto! (Sorry about all the horrible spanish.. Dora the Explorer has been playing in the background for like 3 hours straight and it's starting to get to me..)

Here's the step by step of what I did:

1. Removed the knobs and cleaned off the changing table really well.
2.  Sanded it down with my Ryobi power sander. Having a power sander is a MUST for these projects.  In my opinion, sanding should never be skipped if you want a nice turn out.  This sander was only $39.99 at Home Depot and worth every penny.
3.  Washed off all sanding dust.
4.  Brush painted on a coat of the blue "oops" paint.  Yes, I Stevie Jackson, the spray painting queen, brush painted.  Why you ask?  Over the holidays I was admiring some AMAZING refinished furniture projects my hubby's sister did, and wanted to know why her projects turned out so SMOOTH and beautiful.  She said it was because she brush painted with a NICE brush, and then brushed on a certain kind of wood finish she uses. Well, guess what she got me for Christmas?  A new paint brush and the nice wood finish she uses. :)  So I of COURSE had to test it out.... and I love how it turned out!!!
5.  After coat one was dry, I applied coat two.
6.  After coat two was dry, I inspected for any globs of paint (there were a few,) sanded them down and re-painted those spots.
7.  After all paint was dry, I applied two coats of the finish with my new amazing paint brush. (Waited for coat one to dry before coat two of course.)  The finish I used is by Deft and it's Satin waterbourne acrylic finish.
8.  Spray painted the knobs white.
9.  After knobs and changing table were dry, I put the knobs back on.
10.  Had hubby help me haul it all back upstairs to the nursery!

These projects looks SO easy on Pinterest and the blogs with these amazing before and after transformations... but I'll be the first to admit they're not easy. They take time, energy, and elbow grease. Oh. And lots and lots of patience, something that is hard for me.  So when/if you decide to take on a furniture refinishing project of your own, remember that you may not complete it in one day, and you may make a few mistakes.  

This changing table is just the beginning of a little makeover I'm doing on Cole's nursery.  I'm about half way there, hoping I'll be able to share it this weekend.


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