Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A sappy mommy moment...

As I sit here in one of the only moments of the day when I have complete silence and time to think about something other than mommy duties, all I can seem to think about is my baby boy.

He is almost one, and it's hard to believe that a year ago today I was anxiously awaiting his arrival, unsure of what was to come.  Would my labor go smoothly? Would he be perfectly healthy? Would he look like me or Michael? Tears come to my eyes when I realize that God, the creator of the universe, was probably listening to those thoughts of mine with a smile on his face, thinking "Oh Stevie, you have no idea what is to come."

I'm so thankful to the Lord that no matter what the circumstance, He always has a bright future planned for me. (Jeremiah 29:11.)

Not only did my labor go smoothly but my baby was healthy and is perfect in my eyes.  If there is such a thing as beyond perfect, then that is Cole. The love I have for that kid is unreal.  I never KNEW such a love could exist... I knew that God loves us more than we can comprehend, but for the human soul to be able to feel such a love that I have for my baby boy, is unfathomable.  I can't count how many times since Cole was born that my heart filled up with so much love and joy that it was released through tears pouring down my face as I whispered under my breath "thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you."  I don't care if that sounds overly dramatic, I'm pretty sure most other moms out there no that EXACT feeling that I'm talking about... nothing so perfect could come from anything other than the Lord and He deserves all the glory. I can't thank Him enough.

A year ago today I had no idea what was to come.  I thought I had an idea, but no, I didn't.  Beyond all of the mommy-hood stresses I've dealt with and knew were to come: The labor, the nursing issues, the what-if's, the hundreds and hundreds of diapers, the sleepless nights, the crying that I couldn't stop, the questions of what to feed him, the sleep training, etc... beyond all of that there was something coming that I didn't know of because there was no way for me to know until I experienced it myself.  That was the unimaginable joy and love that this child would bring me.

So today, as I sit here and think, I need to realize that no matter what is to come, there is no reason for me to worry about the things in life that the enemy wants to consume me with. Everything is in His hands, always has been, always will be. His plan IS good, always. So I will continue to pray that God leads me on HIS path and His path only, not my own, so that I can stay in His good will.

And I will continue to cherish every second of my little man, inhale his precious baby scent, stroke his silky blonde hair, stare into his blue eyes, and kiss his soft chubby cheeks a billion more times... because he is my little gift from God, and no worry in this world is big enough to outweigh this love. <3

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  1. ***Chills!*** I couldn't agree more lady! Babies are truly a gift from a LOVING God. How else could something that takes so much time, effort, energy, money, etc be SO LOVED and cherished! God had a plan for Cole from the very beginning. How amazing to think that Cole...and only Cole could fill that space in your family the way he did. God designed it that way for a reason! We love you all and are so excited to be able to watch Cole grow!! Can't believe he's almost 1!! Oh and consider this my RSVP to his party. lol we'll be there for sure! :) xoxo