Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY canvas prints

A couple months ago I was browsing through Pinterest and saw a tutorial for making your own canvas prints at home.  I LOVE the look of canvas prints but they can get pretty pricey, so I checked it out.

All it took was some matte mod podge, a printed photo, a canvas, and either scrapbook paper or paint for the edges of the canvas.  I went and bought the supplies thinking it would be a doozey.

Unfortunately what must have been a mix of my PMS, impatience, and a poor quality print from KINKOS, I screwed up the project big time and tore up the picture.

PMS + impatience + DIY gone bad = NOT GOOD.

So, after I cooled off from my little mishap (today - 2 months later), I decided to have a go at it again.  "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again" as Aaliyah would say. Haha. ;p

I happened to have some leftover large Costco prints from a project I did last winter.  They happened to be the exact same size as the canvas I still had from my screwed up project, and also one extra one.  This time they totally worked out and I'm one happy girl!

The trick was to NOT put the mod podge on the canvas first, to put it on the back of the photo instead. ALSO, the Costco glossy prints worked waaaay better than whatever crap Kinkos gave me.  I seriously have had one too many bad experiences with Kinkos printing services and don't think I'll ever go there again.

Anyways so here are the photos:

You can see above the leftover damage from my first attempt at this haha...

I'm going to give the one of my mom and I to her, I know she loves that picture. :) 

This project can be done using any color of paint, or any print of scrapbook paper on the edges. (Just cut strips to fit the sides, so easy.) I did black and white photos with the black paint to play it safe for now but I think next time I might spice it up a bit with some color or a fun print!

And just like clock work... I hear the little voice of my baby munchkin on the monitor waking up from his nap. He's saying "maama, maaamma" lol...  Perfect timing!

Thanks for reading :)

A little something to help myself not feel so bad for 3 months of no blogging

The title to this post says it all.  I have been too busy for words and neglecting my blog for this long has been nagging me in the back of my mind so badly.  Sigh.

I haven't had time for any cool projects but I've had little things here and there I've added or changed in my home I could have blogged.  I'm going to get back to blogging more often, and doing fun projects!

One thing we've done recently is change up our living room.  I have always wanted a turquoise living room and finally made it happen.  A little spray paint, a few new throw pillows/accessories and a turquoise table made a HUGE difference.

Here's how our living room used to look:

Cute and cozy but the yellow and brown just wasn't doing it for me.

Here is my new tranquil & turquoise living room:

The picture in the middle is of Michael and I standing on a rock at Laguna Beach, before we got married.  It's been hanging on our stairway wall but I wanted to switch it up a bit.

I also made some changes to Cole's nursery. Again. 

I took our Ikea expedit book shelf from the office, flipped it over and am now using it for his toys.  It also looked cute up next to the square shelving unit from Ikea that I put some of his clothes in.  I also hung the blue paper lanterns from his birthday party, and the Ikea stuffed animal holder that was given to him by his uncle. It's perfect because this kid has like 2,000 stuffed animals. ;)  

The trend with nursery these days seems to be simplicity, neutral colors, & not a lot going on.  I think our kid's rooms should be pleasing to them since it's their room.... and kids like color, toys, and things to look at.   Especially for toddler age and up.  I have definitely accomplished that with his room as you can see!

For your viewing pleasure I have decided to conclude this
 blog post with an oh-so-adorable photo of my naked baby.

You're welcome, hehe...