Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Instagram Photo Collage!

I love our family photos WAY too much, they're plastered all over our walls.  Some might think we're a pretty vain family but I like to think we just love each other a LOT and like to see photos of happy family moments rather than miscellaneous wall art. ;)

I found a blog post for this awesome project via Pinterest, the link is here.

Unfortunately, the directions posted in that blog didn't help me very much.  I had a really hard time with it at first, so I spent quite some time figuring it out on my own. It ended up taking a little longer than expected!

The good news for you is I did all the hard work and will now post a detailed tutorial for you so you can re-create it for your own home in half the time! Not that the original blogger of this project did a bad job, but if you're like me, you need a step-by-step tutorial.

Things you will need:

1.  Microsoft Publisher. (The last blog didn't mention the program they used but Publisher worked great.)
2.  63 of your favorite photos.  
3.  The print & the frame. (See below.)

How to:

1.  I decided to use my favorite Instagram photos.  You can use whatever ones you would like!  Just save them to a folder on your desktop.  Since I decided on the Instagram photos, I had to email them to myself one by one, and then save them each to the desktop folder.
2.  In Publisher, click on "blank page sizes."  In the right hand column do a custom size for your blank page of 18x24.

**Update on blog post 9/26/12:  I was informed by a friend that you don't have to email each and every picture to yourself!! Go to and save your photos from there. This makes this project even easier to do!***

3.  Click "insert", "picture", and "from file."  Then go to your desktop folder and upload your first pic.
4.  Once the pic appears on your blank page, right click, format, and change the size of the photo to 2".
5.  Place the photo in the upper left hand corner, leaving 6cm from the top and 3cm from the left side. (It took me FOREVER to figure out these exact dimensions fit all 63 2" photos perfectly, but it works!!)
6.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have uploaded all 63 photos, and leave 1cm between each pic. There will be enough room for 7 across, and 9 down.

7.  Once this is finished, click file, and save as to your desktop.... but change the file type to PNG file.
8.  Upload to whichever printing company you prefer.  Costco does a great job, that is who I used.  It cost me about $9.50. 

Here is what the saved copy looked like that I submitted to Coscto:

Costco did not have the option to print to 18x24 so they printed on a 20x30.  I went to Target and the closest sized frame I could find was just a tad bigger than the print, so I cropped the print and placed it as center as I could leaving even borders around it.

Here it is all done and hung up!

I love it so much I want to make another one soon! Or some as gifts! Love it!

Thanks for stopping by :)