Monday, October 1, 2012

The Baby Cave

So... we have this little storage unit area under our stairs.  Since we moved in over 3 years ago it's been packed full of stuff, mostly crap, and it was time to make use of this cool little space.

Michael and I have been talking about how it would make such a cool little fort for Cole. Not to mention a sweet spot to hide toys.  So we finally cleared it out, and over a two week span I decorated it and turned it into...


Here it is before and after:

The 2 little blue shelves are $3.99 spice racks from Ikea that I spray painted blue.  The Toy Story chair we bought at the Swap Meet for like $1.00.  The rug was $19.99 from Ikea... the 2 battery powered push lights on the ceiling were $5.00 from Walmart, and those are battery powered Christmas lights from Hobby Lobby... I'm not sure how much they were but they were cheap. 

Easy, cheap, & makes my baby a happy little man!  Works for me. :)
Thanks again for reading!

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