Friday, November 23, 2012

Finally... 7 months later I blog about my baby's first birthday!

My little man turned one year old on April 15th and I threw him a really cute party. I never got around to blogging about it so I thought I would do that now... even though it's November and he is 19 months now. ;)

I decided on Nautical theme... I wanted to do that for the nursery but my husband wouldn't let me.  So first birthday theme it was!

Due to the large number of guests who attended, we held it at a nearby park with a picnic table shelter. It worked out really well.  I went down to the City a couple months before the party, reserved the shelter for only $20 or so, and had it in writing that the shelter was ours in case anyone tried to take it that morning before us. Make sure if you throw a party in a public place you make a reservation!!!

Here are some pics:

This is the pennant banner I made. It has 3 anchors and "Happy Birthday Cole" on it. I made out of poster board, hot glue, and twine. That's all! Blue and red streamers around the edges of the whole picnic shelter.

The tables had blue table cloths and Nautical themed party plates we found online, the blue and white striped napkins and red buckets/blue shovels are from Party City, and I tied twine and put a white life saver around the napkins. That idea came from Pinterest. :) Each bucket had either pretzels or Goldfish in them.

I wish I had a better close up of this, but this was a picture wall of Cole. Each picture was his monthly photos I took (and posted about and how to here), and all of the guests signed the edges of the pictures. My plan is to turn this into a book for Cole so he will have it forever and see the notes from all of his loved ones. 

We matched :)

Cake from Costco. 

Cole's birthday boy throne had a First Birthday banner, a First Birthday mat underneath the high chair, and blue & white balloons. All from Party City.

"Mr. One-derful" bib from Party City.

We love our little munchkin.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the party favor bags. They were filled with nautical goodies like life savers, tied twizzlers, pirate eye patches, swedish fish, bubbles, and more.

I love throwing parties! :)

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