Monday, January 14, 2013

As requested: Tutorial on baby bump photos

Pregnant mamas: Document that bump! You will regret not taking photos of your belly growing if you don't do it, trust me! It is super easy to do it the way I do, all you need is a computer, the internet, and a camera.

Here is how you make your own weekly baby bump photos to look something like this:

1.  Find a spot in your house with an open/blank wall. Have someone take your photo with enough wall space in front of your bump to be able to add text.  Keep in mind that you are going to crop your photos to the size you want them, so the more wall space, the better.
2.  Upload your photos to your computer into a folder you will be able to easily find them in... like "BABY".
3. Go HERE and download Google's free photo editing program, Picasa.
4.  Once it is uploaded, it should automatically pull up your album "BABY" (or whatever you called it) in the left hand column under "folders".
5.  Double click on whichever photo you decided you want to use.
6.  On the left hand side you will see a tool bar with 5 tabs for editing your photo. The first one is a wrench, that is where you can "crop" your photo. Click on crop and it is very self explanatory and easy. Under the wrench you will also see a "text" option. This is how you enter your text for your photo. The other tabs are options to play with the lighting, colors, filters, etc for your photo. Have fun!
7.  Once you have finished your editing, at the bottom of the screen you will see an "export" button.  Click on that and export your picture to your "BABY" folder. After that it's saved to your computer and you are free to share it with the world. :)

I hope this helped!

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