Monday, January 28, 2013

Gender Reveal Party for Jackson Baby #2

My husband and I found out last Monday at an ultrasound that we are having another BOY. :)

We wanted to share with family and friends in a special way, and these adorable gender reveal parties I keep seeing on Pinterest really inspired me to throw one as well.  Plus, anyone who knows me well knows that I'm obsessed with planning parties and will look for any excuse too. :)

So, I wanted to share the decor and crafts I made for the party for anyone who may want to do one of their own.  I know that usually the parents-to-be find out AT the party with everyone at the same time, but we couldn't wait a week and liked finding out in private with just us and Cole, so we did it this way instead.

Here are a couple pictures of the party set up:

I set up a table with the chalkboard on top saying "Almost time, which will it be? A bouncing little he or a pretty little she?" (I got the saying off Pinterest somewhere and then made it in to my own chalk art.)  The "Wear your vote" sign pointed to a hurricane full of clothes pins that had either a mustache or felt hearts hot glued to them for people to wear to show if they voted for a boy or girl.  I got all of the supplies for those at the Dollar Tree, except for the mustaches - my husband found those at a convenience store! I see them all over the place though.  I got the blue and pink pom poms, balloons, candy sticks, jars to hold them in, and the table cloth at Party City.  The boxes in the center of the table were cake pops that one of my best friends had made for me, they had blue sprinkles inside for the reveal.

Here is the spread with all of the food my awesome chef of a husband made:

I made this pennant banner myself, all with Dollar Tree supplies.  I made it on a whim, I needed to wing it because I didn't have time for perfection.  It was super easy though and came out cute so I'll give you the best tutorial I can on it:

Supplies needed are white poster board (2 sheets in case you mess up), 3 pieces of baby blue construction paper and 3 pieces of pink as well, a glue stick, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, twine, and a hot glue gun/glue. 

All I did was print out my letters on MS Word in Arial font since that has easy letters to cut out.  I sized them as large as I thought looked right - so just eye ball it.  Print the letters out, it fits about 2 letters per sheet. Glue each sheet around the edges to the appropriate color of construction paper you want. Then cut out the letters with scissors. Easy peasy. Then you need to make your triangles on the construction paper, large enough that each letter will fit inside. So take the widest letter you have, and estimate how big you need your triangles. Use the ruler and pencil to draw straight lines. (This took me a few tries to get it perfect.) Then, use your perfect triangle for a stencil and cut out one for each letter. Glue stick the letters to your triangles. Then, use your hot glue to get the triangles onto the twine to hang it with. :) SO easy. If I can eyeball this without a specific tutorial, ANYONE can.

Here are some of the pictures we took at the party:

It was such a fun time and I highly recommend a gender reveal party to anyone who is newly pregnant and interested! :)

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