Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm pregnant with Baby #2!

Happy New Year!

On black Friday I woke up and realized something... I was late! So Michael went to the store to grab a test, and yep... I'm pregnant.

Before the shock could even wear off, Michael was on the phone with his mom to share the news. He may just be more excited than I am. ;)

If we count back correctly, our first over night trip away from Cole in Catalina was where baby #2 happened... early November:

My sexy man posing in beautiful Catalina Island!

Ziplining adventure with our friends in Catalina... after brunch where they all teased Michael and I that we probably got pregnant and if we did, we need to name the baby "Cat" or "Cato" haha... little did they know...

So here I am, 6 weeks later, nauseous as can be, typing a blog post to announce that Jackson Baby #2 will be here sometime around July 28, 2013. :) We're very excited to have a sibling for Cole, and a family of 4.

So far this pregnancy I've been extremely nauseous, moody, and exhausted.  With Cole I had nausea but the over-the-counter sleep aid my doctor recommended took that away the second I started taking it. With this baby, that is not the case. It got to the point where I couldn't function so they prescribed me something for the nausea, and that doesn't help AT ALL either. So, I'm just praying that this time around the nausea goes away quick! I also don't remember being this moody or exhausted with Cole, but I think having a toddler might magnify these things just a tad bit. ;)

According to the Chinese calendar, it's a girl. According to theories about when you conceive according to your ovulation cycle, it's a boy. According to my father who thinks he's a baby gender predicting guru, it's a boy... but then the other day he slipped and said "she" - so I think maybe his sub conscience is telling him something different. Haha, either way, we are happy with whatever this little peanut is, there are good sides to having either a boy or a girl! We will know in exactly 15 days when we go to a 3D ultrasound.

Here is the photo we took to announce to the world that I'm preggers:

And starting today I'm going to be documenting my bump photos with a digital description. I love the chalkboard ideas but it's been done so much now, I had to do something different!

I'm hoping that my motivated self will be back sooner than later for some fun projects to blog, but until then, please be patient with me.  I'm pretty sure my blog will be pretty much geared toward anything and everything baby for the next 6 months as well - so for all of you expecting mamas, stay tuned!

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