Friday, January 18, 2013

My SICK obsession with Target. And Chevron print.

Hey there.

The heading of this post says it all, I am addicted to Target... and chevron print. Let's start with Target. It's sad, I think of excuses to go there even when I don't need anything.  I even have a whole system down: I go in the mornings when it's the least busy, I know exactly where to park so I get a close spot and am near the door that is right by where I check out, and I always make a stop for Cole's "mamo" aka: popcorn the second we get there so he is happy and munches away (or drops it all over the floor) while I'm aimlessly looking at things I don't need.

Yesterday my husband agreed to go to Target with me when he was off work so we could pick out some much needed new curtains. Actually I knew exactly which curtains I wanted, I've had my eye on them for months but have never bought them, perhaps because I was secretly waiting for the day my hubby would take me and buy them for me. We also needed some other stuff, so we made a family trip over there in the worst part of the day to go there - the late afternoon.

When we got there I discovered that of course, there was only ONE panel left of the curtains I wanted, and none left in the entire store.  So I hunted down a handy Target team member to tell me where the next closest Target was with these curtains in stock.  So off we went, to a Target 20 minutes away to get my beloved curtains.

As we walked through the store towards the home stuff, we passed the baby aisles... and what catches my eye?  My other obsession.  Chevron print.  Not just any chevron print, but chevron print CRIB SHEETS. IDENTICAL to the Pottery Barn kids ones but $10 less? Whaaaat?! Who has seen such a thing in Target before?  Not I.  Which means they've never had them because I would know, I'm at Target a few times a week practically and know that place like the back of my hand.  Chevron crib bedding (and curtains may I add - which don't exist anywhere except for Urban Outfitters in the wrong colors that's why so many women are desperately DIYing them by painting chevron onto white curtains, that's a whole other story), is SO hard to find!!!  There are specialty websites where you can design your own crib bedding and do chevron (but if you're anything like me that is too much to think about, and ordering online sucks when you're as impatient as I am), and then of course there are the PB kids ones that are more expensive!

So anyways, as I spot these chevron sheets in not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE different colors, I almost pee myself!  Pink, blue, grey, green and yellow?!  Target you rock.  Oh and get this, only $9.99.  Michael just stared at me blankly while I jumped up and down in the aisle with crib sheets in my hands (no joke).  Then he kindly reminded me that we don't know what I'm having yet... a girl or a boy.  We don't find out till Monday.  So I decided to hold on to the grey ones, thinking it could work for a boy OR a girl.  But as we walked on, I realized that if I am having a girl, I want those pink ones.  So, I realized I was being a freak and just set the grey ones down in the rug aisle. Plus I was majorly distracted by an AMAZING rug they had only one left of, in my other favorite print which is Moroccan.  Well I don't know if that's what it's called but that's what I call it.  We got the rug.  We also got 2 new lamps for our bedroom, 2 new chevron pillows for the living room, the curtains, and a couple new candles.  I was so happy with these new things I found that the chevron crib bedding could wait until Monday when I came back for it.

So that night I let my friend know (who is about to have a baby and loves chevron as well) that Target has those sheets. This morning she texts me that is SOLD OUT of the chevron crib sheets.  Oh heck no.  I guess I'm not the only crazy chevron obsessed mommy out there that realizes the value of these precious crib sheets that are so inexpensive and fabulous.  I began to panic.  I knew that my Target didn't have them, which means the one I was at yesterday was probably one of the only places left they could be found at.  So I called them the second they opened and explained to them my urgent situation.  "I was there yesterday, you have chevron crib sheets, in 4 colors. I need you to please grab me a grey, and a pink one off of the shelf and hold them for me because I don't know if I'm having a boy or a girl, so I'm buying both."  So the lady puts me on hold for 5 minutes and comes back to tell me that all they have left is ONE pink one!!  Now I'm frustrated. Who are these chevron obsessed mommies and why are they stealing all of my sheets?  How could they be gone already when I was there at 5:00 pm last night?!  I tell her to please hold the pink one for me and I'll be there in a jiffy.  It's a 50/50 chance I'll need those pink sheets and if I have a boy, well then one of my friends having a girl will get a very special gift.

So I pack Cole up in the car, race to the Target, and go in to get my sheets.  I decided to check the aisle and make sure there weren't any there that the lady might have missed.  What do you know... she LIED to me.  How dare she!  There were still pink, yellow, green, and blue ones! So I grab a pink and blue, and as I'm about to go pay - I see something at the corner of my eye.  Chevron baby blankies? Chevron receiving blankets, mobiles, onesies, AND crib bedding?! The crib bedding is $100 less than PB kids. Now I'm really peeing myself.  I start grabbing everything off the shelf, and then stop myself and realize I'm being so dumb.  I do NOT know what I'm having, I'm not going to buy 2 of everything just for the sake of having a stylish baby am I?  Yes, yes I am.  Okay I didn't buy 2 of the $70 crib bedding sets, but I almost did.  I knew in the back of my mind I can return whatever I don't need later.  I just grabbed 2 of the sheet sets, 2 blankets, and 2 receiving blanket packs.  Then, as I was walking to the cash register convincing myself in my mind that what I'm doing is not silly and any normal person would do this, I realize that I could go back to the very spot I set down those grey sheets yesterday near the rugs and see if they're still there.  So I did, and yep, they were there.  So I got those instead of the blue ones.  Before I could consider just buying every single one off the shelf and later selling them illegally online (just kidding) I headed for the check out line.

I got to the cash register and felt the need to tell the checker my whole story.  I told her that I called this morning and the woman told me there was only one pink one left, and she was wrong - they had plenty left.  I told her that these chevron items are selling like hot cakes at all other targets and the website and the only other place you can find anything comparable is at Pottery Barn kids.  As I swiped my card expecting her to completely understand what I'm talking about and come back with a very sympathetic apology for the inconvenience and letting me know she understands where I'm coming from because come on - it's chevron.... she just looked at me like a crazy person and said "honey, they're just crib sheets."

I walked to my car feeling like an idiot, but whatever - you know what Target lady?! I have been nauseous and puking my brains out the past 6 weeks, if I want some pretty things for my baby's future nursery to cheer myself up then I'M GETTING THEM NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!  Lol!  And guess what, I do feel better.  So there.

Here are those pretty items for you to see:

So cute right?  It was worth it.

Here's that rug we bought:


Here's the chevron pillows, curtains, candles, and lamps we bought too:

We needed new bedroom lamps because the other day my toddler pulled of the other ones off my husband's night stand and broke it.  Plus, they were out dated and way to big anyways.

I love changing the living room so often, this mini-makeover might be my favorite one yet though.  Some fun prints and colors going on, so much personality!

Thanks for reading.  Happy Friday!

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