Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby bump photo catch up!

Hey everyone!

I haven't posted any belly bump photo updates on my blog since I was at 14 weeks, so here they are up to date!

Getting ready for 23 weeks tomorrow! Happy Easter friends!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cole's New & Improved Big Boy Room!

Hey everyone....

My poor blog. I have been neglecting it lately... I've been meaning to post these pictures for weeks and haven't taken the time.

We decided to put Cole in a toddler bed because he started escaping his crib, and freaking himself out every time he did it.  We also need the crib for baby Brody when he comes in 4 months so we decided to get this transition over with now.  We are so glad we did, Cole loves his bed and is adjusting much better than we expected to it.

In the process of getting his bed from Ikea, we also picked out a few more things for his room as well.  I absolutely LOVE Ikea if my blog readers haven't already picked up on that yet.

Here is his the new bed & room set up:

We got the shelves on the far right to add to the other ones we had and made that whole wall shelves of toys, diapers, clothes, etc.  Until he's potty trained I'm changing his diaper on top of that middle shelf... let's pray he adjusts to potty training as well as he did with the toddler bed!

We got him that little table and chairs ($20 for all of it!) and he LOVES them! He sits there all the time and yells at people out of his bedroom window... haha.

The mat on the floor for his cars and train is from Ikea, as well as the numbered bins on top of the Ikea shelf. The majority of everything in his room is from either Ikea or Target. :)

He loves the colors and we love the organization! It worked out well for us.  Thanks for reading!