Monday, April 1, 2013

My favorite affordable beauty products for the busy mama on a budget!

Hi ladies,

I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products I use that are all around $10 or less.  This is coming from a former diva who would only wear makeup from Sephora at one time... and then I had a baby.  Now, I don't want to spend a ton of money on makeup or beauty products AT all, nor do I have time to go to the mall to buy more every time I run out. I like my makeup to be quality but affordable, and available at Target - my home away from home.  It's hard to find quality products comparable to the expensive stuff sometimes so I love to share what I've found with my friends, and also find out what other busy women/moms have found as well!

The foundation I use and love is by Cover Girl and it's called Aqua Smooth.  I use the Creamy Natural shade.  I used to use Studio Fix by Smashbox which was about $40.  This Cover Girl foundation works JUST as good, if not better (because it's a bit less heavy than the Studio Fix) and it's only $7 or so? It gives amazing coverage to my uneven skin tone and blemishes on my face, and it's still very light and smooth.  I swear if Cover Girl ever discontinues this stuff I will write them a letter and let them know how angry I am.

The bronzer I use is actually a powder and is also by Cover Girl.  I use the True Match in perfect beige.  This shade is dark if used as a powder but I use it as a bronzer and highlight my cheek bones with it, and also dust a little bit over my forehead and nose.  (With a big blush brush.) I would not use this dark of a shade as an all over powder.  I love this because it's not as thick as regular bronzers like the expensive kind I would buy at Sephora or Mac, but it also gives me the glow I want when I'm feeling pasty and white.

Speaking of being pasty and white... I am NOT a huge fan.  In fact, it's kind of my worst enemy.  I am naturally a very fair skinned girl with a lot of Irish in me, so I have tried almost every self tanner possible and have become very familiar with spray tan machines over the year in search of the perfect solutions that are not damaging to my skin.  Jergens Body Glow is great for daily use to keep a subtle glow especially in the warmer months when you're showing more skin.  I only use it on my face regularly though (at night so the light tan can develop before the next day) and for my body I have discovered something else.  Getting spray tans regularly is way too expensive obviously (I love those for special occasions - the new Mystics and Versa Spas are AMAZING), but for a more regular use (once or twice a week) I use these Loreal Sublime Bronze tanning wipes.  My good friend introduced them to me.  Ah-mazing. The wipes make it so easy to apply the tan on evenly and it turns out bronze, not orange.  It takes a couple times to get it down to where you don't miss any spots, but once you're a pro at them you will never want to use anything else!  I use one and get a pretty good tan from it, and I will usually put on a second layer a day or two later, to not only darken it a bit but cover any spots I may have missed in my first application.  These amazing things come with 8 per box for only about $9 per box.  Such a steal.

Another fun beauty secret for when you want an INSTANT bronze for a night out, the Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs is AWESOME.  The only down fall is it CAN wipe off a little, but for the most part it dries so well you most likely won't notice any wipe off, and it's also water resistant.  This is supposed to be used on legs only but I have put it all over and it looks fine.  It is pretty dark but if you're shocked and it's just too dark for you, you can easily just wash it off because it's not a self tanner. It's just a body bronzer.  I always have this stuff on hand especially in the summer time. I LOVE it.  (PS: Medium glow is about as dark as you need unless you have super tan or dark skin naturally.)

My favorite mascara in the entire world (even compared to the super fancy expensive ones at Sephora) is Loreal Double Extend.  I have short and white eyelashes, and I have found that this stuff lengthens and thickens my lashes just the right amount so it's a dramatic difference but still looks natural and not clumpy at all.  On special occasions I put on some fake eyelashes as well, but for every day use and something you can buy at Target or drug stores, this stuff is fabulous. Also just around $10.

There are a lot more products I use and love, but these are a handful of my favorites that I can't live without anymore.  I figured since I have tried so many different kinds I may as well share the ones that are the best to me and that I've continued to use for quite some time now. :)

Thanks for reading :)