Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pregnant survey and bump photos!

Stole this survey from a friend's blog.... thought I might as well ;)

Month/Week: 7 Months, 31 1/2 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs
Feeling: Good, just get exhausted easily & winded going up the stairs especially carrying Cole!
Missing: Wine, hot yoga, and hikes.
Cravings:  FRUIT, veggies, sweets!
Anything making you queasy: Not since about 20 weeks thank God!
I'm Loving: That we finished painting the nursery :)
Happy or Moody: Happy.... for the most part - I'll admit I get cranky here and there.
Gender: Boy!
Symptoms: Heart burn, back/hip/butt pain, and a very wild baby pushing my ribs and bladder!
Sleep:  Usually pretty good! I wake up multiple times to use the potty but can usually sleep on and off for like 9 hours!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yeah, no swelling at all.
Looking forward to: My shower coming up, my brother and his girlfriend coming to visit for a week and a half with my 8 month old niece, and having this little man in 2 more months!!!

Here's a catch up on my baby bump pics (and you can find the tutorial to make you own here!)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

EASY pillow covers tutorial (no zippers!)

Good morning friends!

Yesterday I sewed a couple super cute "envelope" pillow covers for 2 throw pillows on my couch that needed some love.  They turned out really cute, but unfortunately I didn't take pictures of my step-by-step process to blog about later because I really didn't expect them to be this cute. I was using this as a practice! Now I'm really mad I didn't take more pictures.  So, I'm going to explain the process as clearly as I can, and also give a link to the tutorial I used off of someone else's blog.

Here is what the back looks like:

Here is what you'll need:

1.  Pillow.
2.  Fabric.
3.  Sewing machine.
4.  Iron.
5.  Measuring tape, scissors, thread.

Cut fabric: 

1.  First, you need to measure your pillow.  I used 18" pillows.  This means the width of my fabric needed to be cut 18", and the length needs to be double + 4"... so 40".

For example:

12" pillow - Fabric 12" by 28"
14" pillow - Fabric 14" by 32"
16" pillow - Fabric 16" by 36"
18" pillow - Fabric 18" by 40"

2.  Take your rectangular piece of fabric, lay it pretty side down on an ironing board.  Fold the short edges in 1/4 of an inch, and iron them down.  (Also iron out any wrinkles in the fabric while you're at it.)

3.  Stitch the ironed folds down and sew a pretty hem.

4.  Take the fabric now and lay it pretty side up.  Fold the left hemmed side in to the center of the fabric, and fold the right hemmed side in overlapping the left by 3 1/2 inches.  Take a couple pins and pin the overlap in place.  Your right sides should be in.

5.  Sew the 2 sides with the RAW edges using 1/2" seams.

6.  Turn your pillow inside out and stuff your pillow inside.  You're done!  It's that easy.

If my picture-less tutorial was too difficult to understand (I am a visual learner too so don't feel bad if it was...) then go to this tutorial here that I learned from - it's almost the same tutorial! Only difference is she marked where the folded sides need to go, and I learned on my second pillow that eye-balling it worked better for me.

**Note** Don't leave a seam want your fabric these exact dimensions so it has a more "stuffed" look.  Mine were a little too big so on my next ones I'm going to be sure and go smaller rather than bigger so the covers are a little more tight on the pillows.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Burp Cloth Tutorial

Hi everyone!

So... for my birthday last month I got a sewing machine from my lovely friend Jen. :) She knew that sewing has always been something I wanted to learn, and so the second I had a chance to open it up I got to it, and I'm definitely a beginner.  I literally had to read the 5 minute start guide, and watch like 12 different tutorials just to figure out how to thread the thing.  The Suzy Homemaker stuff does NOT come naturally to me... and for those who know me well, the title of my blog "Domestic Diva" is actually being quite sarcastic towards myself, because I am far from it. My theory though is "fake it till you make it"... and if you have the desire and determination to master something, you can do whatever you want.  Being a crafty homemaker is definitely something I aspire to be, and so for the past few years I have dedicated so much time into learning how to do different DIY projects, crafts, improve my cooking skills, organization, and now.... sewing.  And let me just say - I LOVE IT!!!

One of the first projects I did was sew a baby blanket.  It was challenging and turned out far from perfect, but my little man LOVES to cuddle with it! Plus, it gave me some experience and practice that I needed, so mission accomplished.  Here is Cole cuddling with it:

 I made another baby blanket right after that for my son Brody we are expecting in July.  Again, not perfect, but it turned out better than the first one so I know I'm making improvement:

Okay so now for the burp cloth tutorial! 

The third project I tackled was making these super easy and cute burp cloths.  Not only will I be needing plenty of them for my newborn in a few months, but I have a lot of friends who have recently had babies and I wanted to make some as gifts.  There's nothing better than a homemade gift from the heart right? So, I browsed Pinterest for tutorials and read probably a dozen of them before I figured out what I wanted to do. I took bits and pieces from many different tutorials and did my own thing.

WARNING:  This is by NO means a professional sewing project or tutorial.  I am a BEGINNER, and this tutorial is for beginners who want an easy project to do as well.  

Supplies needed:

1.  Sewing machine.
2.  Scissors/measuring tape or rotary cutter/board.
3.  Pins/thread.
4.  Fabric pen (if you're like me and use a tape measure and scissors).
5.  A yard and a half of white Terry Cloth. (I think regularly Terry Cloth is $9.99 a yard, but mine was on sale).
6.  11" of 6 different fabrics of your choice... I used the baby soft fleece fabrics that were on sale for $2.99 a yard.  I did 3 girl prints and 3 boy prints.  This should get you 11-12  burp cloths or so... I planned on 12 but ended up with 11 because I ran out of terry cloth from measuring wrong... so these are approximate amounts.


1.  Take your first piece of fabric, and measure length wise 17 1/2".  The width they cut the fabric to was just fine for me so I didn't bother cutting anymore.  You can cut to whatever size you would like your burp rags to be. Make a mark with your fabric pen.

Fold over the fabric (to use the edge as a guide to cut a straight line), and cut.

Lay your fabric piece over a corner of the terry cloth as a template and a piece to match.

Place your fabric right sides together (which means the pretty sides of each fabric facing inward), and pin around your edges to hold fabric in place... I am not a crazy pinner, so I just do a pin every 6" or so.  BUT, you do need to leave a 2 1/2" opening so put a pin in there sideways to remind you as shown below.

Start sewing your inside stitch, about 1/4" in from the edge or so.  I like to start at the end of where the little pocket is going to be, go all the way around, and stop where the pocket is going to start.

Once you get all the way around your burp cloth, clip the corners off.  But BE CAREFUL you don't snip a stitch! How frustrating would that be? Once you have clipped your corners, turn your cloth inside out.  Once you do, make sure the edges at the open pocket are folded in.  Then, start sewing your top stitch about 1/4" in from the edge again. (It needs to be close enough to the edge so that you sew that pocket shut!) I start at the top corner of the side that has the pocket and get that stitched up first, and then try to match the distance in of the top stitch the rest of the way around.  If that makes any sense.

Once you go all the way around, you're done! You have a beautiful burp cloth. :) If you're a newbie at this like me, you may have some edges that aren't perfectly straight, and that's okay. It's a burp rag, it's getting covered in puke, slobber, and whatever else. I don't think the mommy or the baby are going to care if it's a tad bit crooked in certain places.

Like I said before, I planned on making 12 of these, but I mis-measured somewhere and ended up running out of terry cloth after I sewed 11 of them.  No biggie, next time I may just get 2 full yards of terry cloth to be on the safe side.

You can wrap them in any cute way you want to give to someone special... you could even make a cute tie to go around them if you have any left over fabric!  Such an easy/fun/quick project to do - oh and the best part, it only cost me $29 for all of the fabric.  That is without a coupon!

I hope you enjoyed, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or I forgot to cover something. :)

Stay tuned for more sewing projects, recipes, DIY projects, and my boy Brody's nursery that is currently "under construction"! Here is a sneak peak:

Totally different look than Cole's original nursery, and his big boy room!  I love variety.

Thanks for reading,