Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pregnant survey and bump photos!

Stole this survey from a friend's blog.... thought I might as well ;)

Month/Week: 7 Months, 31 1/2 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs
Feeling: Good, just get exhausted easily & winded going up the stairs especially carrying Cole!
Missing: Wine, hot yoga, and hikes.
Cravings:  FRUIT, veggies, sweets!
Anything making you queasy: Not since about 20 weeks thank God!
I'm Loving: That we finished painting the nursery :)
Happy or Moody: Happy.... for the most part - I'll admit I get cranky here and there.
Gender: Boy!
Symptoms: Heart burn, back/hip/butt pain, and a very wild baby pushing my ribs and bladder!
Sleep:  Usually pretty good! I wake up multiple times to use the potty but can usually sleep on and off for like 9 hours!
Wedding Ring On Still?:  Yeah, no swelling at all.
Looking forward to: My shower coming up, my brother and his girlfriend coming to visit for a week and a half with my 8 month old niece, and having this little man in 2 more months!!!

Here's a catch up on my baby bump pics (and you can find the tutorial to make you own here!)

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