Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nesting Madness... my spontaneous laundry room makeover!

Happy Hump Day,

Today, in the midst of trying to care for my toddler, prepare for my brother and family coming to stay with us tomorrow for 10 days, work, and also take care of the unborn baby in my belly (now 33 weeks along), I randomly decided to give my laundry room a makeover.  I decided to ignore the filthy bathrooms for awhile and do something totally unnecessary and definitely not on my mile long "to-do" list of much more important items. I blame it on the crazy nesting instinct that is taking over me right now.

I had a shelf with 2 brackets, some random decorations, a box full of craft supplies, some fabric and some spray paint.  I got it all out and layed it on the washer and dryer and after like 3 hours of messing around I finally completed my project.

Here was the laundry room before:

And after:

Quick run through of what I did:

Had my husband come home on his lunch break and mount the shelf, otherwise it probably would have fallen down the second I put anything on it since I am not very good at that stuff.

Took an old canvas and covered it with the chevron fabric I had, just to try and hide some of the hoses back there.  I took a wooden letter J that used to have a different print, found some yellow chevron paper and mod podged it on. Then spray glued the letter to the canvas.

Spray painted a basket and the picture frame yellow.

Put some clothes pins in a jar.

Took an empty frame and put it around the cute laundry sign I already had on the wall, to take up more of the wall space.

Glued some twine to a hanger and hung some wallet sized photos of my baby man on it. Why not.

Alright and now back to my dirty house! Thanks for reading!