Monday, July 1, 2013

Brody's Nursery Reveal!

My favorite part about nesting is decorating the nursery.  Actually, my favorite part about being pregnant in general might be decorating the nursery.  I just LOVE it and I have a Pinterest board called "Nursery Obsessed" because I am!!!

For Brody's nursery I decided to go more mellow with the colors than I did for Cole's... Cole had a safari theme with bright colors and animal prints but for Brody I went with yellow and grey, and of course, CHEVRON print galore. ;)  I guess the "theme" of this nursery if there is one IS chevron considering how much I put in it! It all started when I found the grey chevron crib bedding at Target and I went off of that to design the rest of the room.  I did the entire nursery on a budget and I'm proud of myself for being so frugal!

Here are the pics and details:

My husband put up the chair rail himself and painted white below, and Natural Grey by Behr on the top half.  The crib bedding and curtains are from Target.  The crib was from Cole's old nursery, we spray painted it white.  The rocker is also from Cole's old nursery!  The little table was a garage sale find a few years ago I used to have in our living room, spray painted that grey.  The lamp is actually from Target as well and belongs in our bedroom but I plan on getting a new one for the nursery eventually! The hutch is from Ikea and was actually designed for children's rooms, with the attachable changing table piece you can buy separately. (I will explain more about that below...)

So the story about this hutch.  I originally was going to buy a dresser and put a changing pad on top like all of the other designer nurseries I've seen.  But I needed a spot with shelves to put up decorations and saw that this hutch came with the changing table attachment so changed my mind.  (Plus my hubby liked this one a lot more than the plain dresser.) So the guy at Ikea tells us they discontinued their changing table pads but that the standard size pad will fit in it. So, when I got home I realized he was WRONG, this changing table attachment is 5" shorter than the regular pads! I searched high and low online to find one that size and they don't exist.  So, we bought a regular pad, my husband cut through the plastic and cut down the foam, and then spray glued the plastic back on.  Then, I sewed the cover for it:

I planned on sewing a cover for the changing pad from the beginning anyways, but I'm super excited about how well I did considering my lack of sewing skills! I'm going to make a couple more covers that I can change out for when I wash them! :)  The tutorial I followed to sew this is here... and I just took 5" off the length of her instructions to fit the Ikea table.  Oh, and the chevron fabric is from Hobby Lobby.

I love this corner by the window and can't wait to nurse and rock my little man here...

I was going to make a sign myself until I saw this at Hobby Lobby and couldn't pass it up.  It was $30 plus 50% off to begin with, then I talked them down another 10% off because there was a spot on the front I had to fix myself. This might be my favorite thing in the whole room!

This wall I just put this table we already had there and that mirror I bought awhile back at... I can't remember! Oops.  The yellow candlestick was a gift from my friend Jen, and the chevron on the walls was all from Hobby Lobby and I just framed them and wrapped canvases with it.

The Brody letters are just canvases I bought at Hobby Lobby, wooden letters from Michael I spray painted yellow, and the chevron fabric is from Hobby Lobby as well that I wrapped and staple gunned to the canvases.  To stick the letters to the fabric the only solution I could find that was strong enough was spray glue. 

Chevron sheets also from Target, the little pillow I re-covered with Hobby Lobby fabric (to match the pillow on the rocker and the changing pad cover,) the sleep sheep and sock monkey were gifts for Brody from my girls. :)

The lanterns were decorations from my shower that my friend Jen threw for me, and sent me home with those to use in the nursery.  They ended up working out beautifully! everything on the shelves pretty much were shower gifts.  The personalized Brody bin from my friend Lauren I am using to put diapers in! It's perfect.

The closet used to have mirrored doors so we took those off and hung these grey curtains from Target.

A peak at just a portion of the clothes waiting for Brody man...

And I can't forget this cute little yellow chevron hook I found at Hobby Lobby for $7.99! :)

Well, I have about 3 weeks to go or so before I have this little guy, and I am SO happy the nursery is DONE!!!  Now I can move on to the rest of my checklist.

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