Friday, July 5, 2013

Easy Car Seat Cover Tutorial!

Hello lovely blog readers,

Well here I am again nesting away, this time I made a cover for Brody's infant car seat.  It is one of the final projects on my to-do list before he arrives in a couple weeks so I'm excited that it's finished - and also very excited at how cute it turned out. :)

Here it is, and directions are posted below:

Supplies needed:

1.  Fabric.  How much depends on the size of your car seat.  I bought a yard and a half of 2 different prints and cut them down to about 36" x 45" or so... but before you cut your own fabric, lay it over your car seat and determine how much you want to hang down on each side.  There wasn't a tutorial I could find that would give me exact dimensions I needed so I just trusted my own judgement and it worked.

2.  Scissors, pins, sewing machine, thread.

3.  Velcro... the sewable kind!

What to do:

1.  Like I said earlier, lay the fabric over your car seat and estimate about how much you want to hang over on each end, and then cut each piece of fabric the size you want.  Match each piece and lay them right sides in.  Then pin around the edges, marking a 6" or so gap to flip it inside out when done.  This is basically the same exact thing as making a baby blanket.

2. Stitch around the edges, I did about a 1/2" seam allowance.  Remember to leave the gap open to turn inside out when done.  Then, flip it inside out!

3.  Now for your top stitch all the way around, again I did about a 1/2" seam allowance or so.

4.  Now you need to mark where your handles are going to go.  The particular car seat that we have has a triangle handle vs. the standard handles you usually see.  So, once again lay your fabric over the car seat and put a pin approximately at the center of where you think you want your handles to be.

5.  Now to sew the handles!  It's going to be a miniature version of what you just did with your large piece of fabric.  Cut out four rectangles of your fabric so each handle has the double sided fabric.  I made mine about 7" long, this turned out to be just perfect length to wrap around the handles, and then I did 4" width.  You can choose your dimensions accordingly!  Place your fabric right sides in, pin around the edges, leave the gap, and stitch (1/4" seam allowance or as close to the edge as possible is what I did,) and then flip inside out.  Top stitch all the way around, and voila!  2 handles.

6.  Now, take your velcro.  Decided which side of the handle you want to show when your cover is strapped on.  I did the opposite print for the outside of the handles.  So, whichever side you choose is where the soft piece of velcro needs to go (see below.)  Then, the rough side of the velcro needs to be sewed just like this one, but on the other end and on the OPPOSITE side of  the fabric.

7.  Now this step was a little tricky.  Lay your fabric out flat and find where you put those pins for the handles.  Lay the center of each handle on the pins and just pin them in place.  Then go back to the car seat and wrap them around the handles, make sure your fabric is laying the way you want.  If it's lop sided then move the handles to where they need to be.  There's no exact way to do it, just use your best judgement!

8.  Once you have picked the right spot for those handles, sew a square in the center of each one.  My square was about 1 1/2" on each side and then I sewed an X in the center of each one as well.  I didn't want to make the squares too big so that I made sure there was enough handle to wrap around the car seat.

9.  Now you're finished! Go try it out on your car seat and enjoy!!!

My favorite part is the color coordinating fabric in a different print underneath.  All of the fabric I used was from Hobby Lobby.  

Thanks for reading!

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