Thursday, October 17, 2013

Silver and gold Fall decor


Personally, I've gotten tired of boring old fall colors. They're beautiful but after 30 years of staring at them every fall, I wanted to switch it up a bit in my home. I really love the sparkly happy colors that Christmas brings, so I made my fall decor this year very cheery, blingy, and glamorous. 

The smaller pumpkins are craft pumpkins from the Halloween section at target that I spray painted silver and gold. Oh - and with this amazing stuff:

Glitter spray paint. Genius right? It was the key to making my glamorous fall decor, I sprayed pretty much everything with it! I recommend doing a base color when using it though, and making the glitter your top coat. Oh and another bonus is the glitter paint dries pretty quick!

The turquoise pillars I bought from Home Goods.. I wanted to keep my turquoise decor out that's already in my living room and tie in the silver and gold, so I bought those pillars with the intention of just keeping them out year round! I like that they're metallic looking and go with the theme so well too. Topped them with 2 of my glitter pumpkins... And those amazing glass pumpkins were around $8 each at TJ Maxx as well. They have a ton of this type of Halloween and fall decor! My center piece is a hurricane I bought for $9.99 at Home Goods too, and I spray painted a bag of scented pine cones (from Albertsons) white, turquoise, and glitter - and put them inside! (This part looked very Christmasy to me.. Because pine cones painted white look like mini Christmas trees covered in snow, so I may just keep that out for Christmas.)

My mantle is just topped with a 6 pack of glitter pumpkins and the "blessed" banner I hand made last year out of burlap, stencils, and twine. Tutorial is here on my blog but it's pretty simple and self explanatory I think. 

I also spray painted my fall garland with gold, and glitter to put above my sliding glass door. Put out a bowl of candy corn, lots of candles that smell like cinnamon and pumpkin, and spray painted this craft pumpkin white and glittery for the front porch: 

It's all very quick and easy to do, get creative and think outside the usual fall box! 

Okay the babies are calling for me. Thanks for reading!! ;)

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