Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just a little update...

Life. Is. Crazy.

In a good way of course.

Small life update in a nutshell:  Husband is a hard working CEO, works around the corner from our house, and I am a SAHM for 90% of the time.  The other 10% I work part-time from home, and do some volunteering. My first son Cole Michael is going to be 3 in April (unbelievable), and Brody Steven just turned 6 months old!

Here are some of our family photos that were taken by the amazing Michele Sparks about 4 months ago:

And here is an updated picture of what Brody looks like now:

Life may be crazy, but man is it good. <3 p="">

Pretty Little Bench


Well, judging by the lack of recent blog posts, I'm sure it's pretty obvious that I haven't had much time for DIY projects, crafts, etc! I have been a little pre-occupied to say the least. ;)

Well, last weekend we finally had a little bit of free time, and I decided I needed a project to do.  I've always wanted a bench seat for our dining room table, ever since  my 2 year old son drew all over the original corner bench that came with it. ;)

Back in the fall we ditched the corner bench seat with all of my child's artwork all over it, (it was also taking up a lot of space in our not-so-big dining area), and spray painted the base of the table and the chairs metallic silver. It turned out really pretty but was definitely missing a bench!

So we went to Home Depot, and had them cut a board in half for us (the length of our table):

(If you have little boys, they might think this part is pretty cool...)

 Next, I had my hubby drill on 4 old legs I had in the garage from an old nightstand (I would give a tutorial for this part if I knew how to do this part but I do not)... if your husband knows how to use a drill and pick out the right kind of screws - I suggest asking him to do this part - unless you're a rock star and can DIY:

Then I took it out to the garage and spray painted the legs with a few coats of Rustoleum silver...(waited about an hour or two between each coat of course):

After the legs were dry, we took some leftover memory foam we had in the garage and cut it so it would fit the top of the bench and also wrap around the edges to make it rounded on the sides.  Then staple gunned it on to the wood:

After that, I laid it face down the $8 fabric I found at Hobby Lobby, and cut the fabric the right length and width to staple around all edges hiding the foam:

Then I flipped her over and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

This is what our dining room looks like now with the bench:

It looks a lot different than it used to:

What can I say, I love change!!!

Thanks for reading :)