Friday, February 19, 2016

It's been over a year but... I'm back! For real this time.

I've spent the last few months thinking about my blog, I've missed it so much.  I started 6 years ago! I knew I wanted a new title because there's another one already very similar to mine.  I also knew that I wanted a new look to my blog because in the last couple years, my tastes have changed.  So, I changed it up! I still do fun DIY projects all the time, & have plenty to blog about.  I will be blogging about some of the projects my husband & I have done around the house since we've moved into our new place, so stay tuned!

Quick re-cap of what's been going on in my life:  Almost 8 months ago, my family & I moved from Laguna Niguel, CA to McKinney, Texas.  There are many reasons why, but mainly because the lifestyle here suits our family much better.  We are very happy!  Missing our family & friends, of course, but content where we are at.  Some of our good friends moved here too, so we already had a built in support system.  Cole is turning 5 soon, he goes to a private Christian pre-school & plays soccer.  Brody is 2 1/2, has to-die-for dimples, & loves to play with his best friend: brother Cole.  Michael is still CEO of his company, & is coaching Cole's soccer team.  I work part-time from home doing a tiny amount of bookkeeping, & am also running my own mobile spray-tanning business.  I love it!  I've been building my clientele in the area, & get to make my own schedule.  When I'm not working, I love spending quality time with my family (we get a lot more of that here in McKinney where life is a lot less chaotic for us,) & I absolutely obsess over DIY & decorating projects.  

Here are some recent family photos we had taken, around Christmas card time:

Thanks for reading!

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