Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our DIY Entertainment Center Ikea Hack!

Happy Saturday!

So happy to be blogging again.  Today I wanted to share one of our projects we did right after we first moved to our new house in Texas.  Our entertainment center Ikea hack.  We've done some fun projects since moving in but this one is my favorite.  This project is a perfect example of what my decorating style is.  I am obsessed with rustic glam, or rustic chic.  Metallics with earthy wood tones & lots of white.  I also love the farmhouse look, & a little bit of modern & contemporary, all mixed together. I feel like this project shows what our style is perfectly.

Our living room has this GIANT wall, very high ceilings, & so I wanted something big to take up a lot of wall space. I thought about buying a used one & refinishing it myself so that we could personalize it the way we wanted & save money in the process.  What we ended up doing though was buying two basic shelving units from Ikea & doing a major hack on them.  It turned out to be exactly what I wanted, & something you would never see in a store.

Here are the two pieces we bought from Ikea that we started with:

The Lappland TV storage unit $149

The Kallax Shelving Unit $64.99

We put these units side by side.  My husband put legs on the bottom, & crown molding around the top.  We got a thin piece of wood from Home Depot & I spray glued some curtains to it. (They were my favorite curtains that didn't work on any of the windows in our new home, so this was the perfect spot to put them so I could still see them everyday!) We then stapled this piece of wood to the back of the entertainment center.  For the longest time I thought I wanted to put some doors along the bottom row of open shelves.... but I don't care for the Ikea doors very much.  So, months down the road, we had the idea to have my husband build some little wooden crates from scratch, & stain them.  I went to Hobby Lobby & found some sparkly little knobs for each wooden crate.  These crates brought the whole thing together just right & fit our style perfectly.  Here she is:

I really love it.  The crates are perfect for hiding cords, dvds, books, etc.  It was all in all probably a $250 - $300 project.  For a entire entertainment center, that's not a bad price at all. I love it. Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Hello Stevie,

    This looks great. Could you provide a tutorial on how your husband built the crates?

    Thank you,

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