Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adventure to the Tulip farm

Happy weekend!

Yesterday afternoon, my sister wife & I decided to load up all 5 of our kids in her Tahoe & go for an adventure.  My "sister wife" is my best friend Jen, who moved here to Texas 7 months before we did.  We've been good friends for... 9 years.  So moving here from CA wasn't THAT hard, since I was going to get to see my female other half on a regular basis.  I could list many reasons why she is the best, but to make it even better, our kids are best friends too.

Anyway, back to our adventure.  I had heard of this tulip farm up north, & we knew it would be a beautiful place to take some pictures of our cute kiddos.  Unfortunately upon arrival, we realized that a majority of the tulips had already been picked.  There were hundreds of people there too.  We still made lemonade out of lemons & tried to work some photography magic.  Jen is a GREAT photographer so I am lucky she was there to capture a few good ones of me with the boys too.  Here are some of the good ones:

This is beautiful Jen:

After we left the tulips, we couldn't resist making a couple stops along the way back.  I STILL cannot believe how BEAUTIFUL Texas is?!  That was not an adjective I expected to use when describing this state.  I always imagined Texas dry, brown, & flat.  I guess it is pretty flat, lol, but definitely not ugly!  We live in the northern Dallas area where we get all kinds of fun weather, but mostly sunshine.  There are many beautiful lakes nearby, so when we're feeling deprived of the ocean at least we can go boating or play in the sand at the lake!  North Texas is very green & pretty for about half the year, & yesterday being outside exploring the country made me feel like a little girl living in Troutdale, OR again.  Lots of BIG open fields with horses & cows roaming & picture-perfect barns sitting peacefully in the background.  The sky was beautifully blue, the weather was upper 60's & breezy, & we had country music blasting in the car.  It was heaven.  Here are some more pics we took along the way:

The horses came up to us hoping for food... the kids got a bag of stale tortilla chips out of the car but the horses weren't having it of course.  We got to pet them for a second at least!

Last week was my brother's birthday, he lives in Oregon with his wife & my niece & nephew.  My other two brothers & my dad also live there with my extended family.  My mom lives in California.  I haven't seen mom for 9 months, & haven't seen my dad in almost a year & a half.  I had a mini-meltdown feeling super homesick.  Yesterday's trip out to the country definitely helped me see that I can feel at home even when I'm this far away from my family.  Not only because of the nostalgic scenery, but because we have friends who are like family here, who love us very much.  And the feeling is mutual.

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