Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Organizing Part One: The craft closet.

Happy Saturday!

I've decided that instead of challenging myself to spring cleaning the house, since I do that quite often anyway, I'm going to do spring ORGANIZING.  There are many areas in my home that are collecting clutter.  Being the "OCD queen" that I am (according to my best friend), I need to tackle these problem areas before we have visitors in April & May come to stay with us.  Also, for my own sanity.  Because nothing gives me more peace than when my home is clean & organized.

It was pouring down rain on Thursday after days of sunshine, so I decided that I would take advantage of being stuck inside.  While my oldest was at school I took my toddler to Target & gathered up some plastic bins.  We like to use clear storage containers for everything in this house so that we can easily see what's in them.

In our play room, I use the closet for storage of the kid's craft supplies.  It was all cluttered & thrown up there along with many toys on the floor that never get played with.  Here's what it looked like:

Really?  It was so ugly I just kept that door shut & cringed every time I had to open it.

Literally an hour later & some hard work it looked like this:

The white labels were ones I found recently in the dollar section at Target, & the black ones are chalkboard labels I found at Walmart not long ago.  A couple of the drawers are for my craft supplies as well, & I decided to utilize the space even more & store my fabric in there now too! It freed up so much space in my woman cave.  

Here's for the oh-so-satisfying before & after:

Now instead of avoiding that closet I keep going back in to take a peek because it looks so clean!  Now on to the next problem area! I'll post when I get around to it.

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