Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patricks Day craft

This afternoon we decided to do a craft for St. Patrick's Day since it's this Thursday!  It snuck up on us this year.

I decided to let the boys paint with Crayola washable paints (the ONLY kind I let them use for crafts.)  Instead of using fingers, (I'm too tired for that today), we used wine corks!  I have quite the collection of corks stocked up from over the years, specifically for crafts, so this worked really well for us.  The boys liked it & it was less mess.

Cole made a rainbow, with a pot of gold at the end... & the leprechaun left his prints behind:

Brody just used the cork in many different colors & created his own abstract work of art:

They're very proud.

The clean up was super easy since they used corks instead of fingers. 

Next up for St. Patrick's Day, I want to make a green treat of some kind! And corned beef brisket for dinner on Thursday. Yummmm.

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