Sunday, April 24, 2016

My baby turned 5!

I've been MIA for a bit for a few reasons:

1.  My spray tan business has been doing SO well & I've basically been spray tanning people in every spare moment I have.
2.  My mom, her boyfriend, & his son were in town for a week so we were entertaining.
3.  My son turned 5 years old, then I turned 33, so we've been busy with lots of birthday festivities!

Let me start this post by saying how emotional I got on Cole's 5th birthday.  Something about age 5... it's like it hit me that he's no longer in the baby/toddler/little guy stage & never will be again.  He's so smart & showing interest in big boy stuff now.  It's really hard for me to accept.  At the same time though, he's still my mama's boy & wants to cuddle with me all the time.  I hope that never ends.  I hope when he's 40 he will call me to tell me he loves me & come over to cuddle.  LOL!

Cole got to go see the Jungle Book in the theater for his birthday & then we took him to a fun dinner.  The next day we held a Lego themed birthday party for him at our house, with 35 kids or so plus their parents & siblings.  It was pure chaos.  There was a moment during the party when I was trying to corral all of the children & keep them from getting hit by a pinata bat that I looked around & thought "what the hell did I do?"  So. Many. Kids.  Anyway, here are the pics:

He's about to graduate pre-k.  Lord help me!

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